January for All Signs

As we transition from the old into the new you will feel a little bit unfocused, slightly scattered, nostalgic, uncertain  and somewhat ungrounded. So many thoughts and ideas are ready to be birthed. Transition makes people irritable and grumpy as change occurs gradually, which is not to our liking. This new cycle is energetically different as EVERYTHING takes time to manifest physically.

Imagine a roller-coaster up and down, round and round. One day inspired with ideas and the next day depressed, withdrawn, confused and scared. Want to sleep more, no worries you are being drawn onto  the astral plane. Some may feel energetic. Whatever you are experiencing is just right for you. Do not resist but go with the flow.

This is the year of unconditional love, forgiveness and expansion. This is a time when what we thought was real and true may not have been what we knew. Move beyond your limited beliefs and understanding.

The month is broken into to two hemispheres of feeling. First is the subconscious and past hurts. Time to clear away the debris. Old patterns no longer work, just anchor your emotions. Tap into your spiritual side and all will go well. Get rid off the junk that clutters your home, your drawers, your physical home.
The key here is forgiveness to self and others.

The second half is for the new and added clarity. Expect movement.  There is tremendous opportunity for growth and truth.

As far as relationships are concerned….be kind, for as you grow others may not be on your path or same time frame. Communication may become projecting. Be patient, they are in transition too.

Be prepared for new weather patterns and global climate. Recycle what you are not using and anything that is excess.

Now is the time to clean and heal your body. Diet, exorcize regimes and sleep are all a part of this time of renewal.

Share your dreams with others as they may have the answers. Projects from the past see a facelift and new energy.

Hope is the word for the year and month.

Key dates

January 1-6: Inner work and sleep. Recharge and go within.

January 7-13: What have you forgotten to accomplish? Why not try again?

January 11: New Moon This is like a mini new years time of reflection. Go for the truth and get out of  denial.

January 14-20: The energy changes as we become less emotional about the past and the hurts that have happened. Forgive, especially yourself.

January 26: This full Moon has power but in order to receive give thanks to all who have helped you on your journey.

Trust that you are well and on the right path for you are.

Many blessings.

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