John Pizzarelli & Jessica Molasky at Cafe Carlyle


My View – written by Stephen Sorokoff


It’s getting very repetitious.  How many times and in how many ways can it be said that this couple epitomizes the ultimate in music and entertainment.   If they just woke up in the morning, blurry eyed & groggy, jumped on a stage and sang any assortment of 15 tunes without any forethought, it would probably be one of the best cabaret shows you could ever see.

Now add into the equation their intelligence and creative abilities in finding a “story” to tell and you’ve got a special evening.  I’m sure when they conceived “This Must Be The Place?”  there was no thought of a hurricane disaster which has caused so many New Yorkers hardship.  As some of our fellow citizens find themselves homeless, it was ironic that this show had a somber and reflective song list that touched on the security of one’s home and the longing for bygone days and vanished romances.   You also get to see the more “serious” side of John, but of course the wit, humor, and story telling ability of this couple were very much in evidence.

 Jessica’s voice and acting abilities cause you to stop the motion of your hand lifting a glass for fear of interrupting the intensity of the moment and their musical and verbal interplay is Steve & Edie times 10.  I’m always amazed at John’s ability to transmit his melodic improvisations to his fingers and vocal chords in complete and perfect unison.

Something else about great story telling. You can read about this legendary music family in John’s new book “World on a String” a musical memoir, which was humorously referred to during the show.

The perfect show continues at Café Carlyle thru November 24.



*Photos: Stephen Sorokoff



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