Kevin Laue’s Life Inspires in Documentary Long Shot: The Kevin Laue Story

Nick Springer and Kevin Laue

Don’t dismiss “Long Shot: The Kevin Laue Story,” which opened October 26th at the Quad Movie Theatre, as just a film about a one-armed basketball player.










Barry Rohrssen Basketball Coach at Manhattan College and Kevin Laue‏

It is so much more.












Kevin's mother and step father

This film is about the emotions of someone who has overcome significant odds, while dealing with the early death of a father who never let his son know he was loved until after he was gone.










‏Frank Martin, producer and friend with Kevin‏

Through director Franklin Martin’s lens we are lead through Kevin’s trails and tribulations. Even without a left hand; he was born a lefty and yet plays with the right because that is what was given him, he joyously triumphs. As a senior in high school he receives a full page spread in the Sports Illustrated’s Super Bowl issue, and he and his parents meet with  President Bush, but like a regular person Kevin too has failures on the court when it counts the most. A hairline fracture his senior year cripples his ambitions to play basketball. In order to re-invent the dream a military academy that has a coach who gets his players onto Division One teams and even that may not pan out because of prejudice. Unlike most he overcomes his heartbreak to achieve a scholarship to a top-level college basketball program and become the first one-armed player.






Kevin and James Chladek from the New Yorker TV Show

Laue is an inspiration and his story brings more to the table than  a manipulative story line. Laue is a thoroughbred who inspires others to greatness.











Pete Gillen CBS Sports‏, Howard Garfinkel( 5 star Basketball) and Fabian ZartaPete Gillen CBS Sports‏

Long Shot: The Kevin Laue Story: Manhattan College/Dutchmen Films












Billy Rafferty executive producer Charles Lorenthal and Kevin Laue













Kevin, Cindy Marinangel and Errol Rappaport














Suzanna Bowling and Gary Springer
Kevin and his lovely girlfriend

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