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Kidgy: A Smart Way For An Effective Parenthood

Kidgy: A Smart Way For An Effective Parenthood

Today, modern technology plays a big role in improving our lives. Gadgets like smartphones and tablets are the easiest way to connect and communicate to other people especially with our family, relatives, and friend’s who’s far away from us as well as using it for different transactions like online shopping or banking.

Modern parenthood may not be easy and it is very important to ensure your kid’s safety when using smartphones and monitor what they do online as well. So, to getinto the flow of the emerging innovations in technology and to protect your young against the different dangers of thedigital world, smart parental control applications like Kidgy is very good option.

What is Kidgy?

Kidgy is a smart parental control app which ensures your child’ssafety and security for their digital reach.It also blocks inappropriate websites that may affect your child behavior, safety tracking using GPS location, andreminders and notifications fordaily tasks schedules. Kidgy will definitely lead you to become an effective parent.

Why Choose Kidgy?

Let’s take a look at Kidgy’s essential features that are beneficial for the parents and their kids, and find out the reason why it’s the best app for kid’s digital dangers protection. Kidgy is available at

  • GPS Location Tracker

As a parent, you need to monitor your kids and know where they are. To stop the worry, Kidgy has its unique ability to track down your child’s location thanks to it GPS Location Tracker. It detects all the information about the Wi-Fi network your child has been connected to and automatically sends it directly to your phone.

If you don’t want your kid to be in a certain location, you can mark the place in the virtual map using Geofencing. So you don’t have to worry because once it’s crossed, itgives you an alert via text message or email.The unique feature of this app is that it has an SOS or Panic button to know if your child is in danger. Cool.

  • Tasks Scheduler

Kidgy offers a task scheduler to help you manage the productivity time of your child and monitoring their different activities, interests, hobbies and some regularities.

  • Blocking Ability

To build trust between you and your kid, Kidgy offers the ability to monitor your child’s contact list and blocks some contacts that can be toxic to your child by providing you all the call and text logs, summary, and caller ids. It also blocks the installation of inappropriate apps that promoteviolence, racism, and gaming addiction.

  • Internet Protection and Time limitation

If you don’t want your kid to spend hours on the internet which can make them prone to cyberbullying, then choosing Kidgy is a good idea. This app allows you to filter and limit internet browsing whether during their bed-time or school-time and preventing them to surf to any inappropriate websites that can gravely affect their mind.

To become an excellent and effective parent, you need to improve and enhance your monitoring skills especially for the safety and security of your young ones.Downloading and installing Kidgy on your smartphones can definitely help you to achieve that.

You can download the app on, Google Play, or App Store.


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