Linda Lavin – She’s Not that Good An Actor!


My View  written by Stephen Sorokoff


Linda Lavin with Billy Stritch at 54 Below


Yes, I know she is a Tony Award Winner, many films, plays, Alice for 9 Years etc etc.  However, there is no way Linda can have you believe she has memorized a script as she entertains you in her show currently at 54 Below.  You have to be both smart and funny to come up with the ad libs the way Linda does.  No way this is prepared patter, it works too well, “she’s not that good an actor.”   However, it’s obvious she’s prepared musically for this show and, of course, it’s quite obvious who she prepared with.   Billy Stritch represents a different meaning of the word WITH when it refers to him being “with” someone in a show.  Linda is truly a musician so the collaboration with Billy and her band produces some of the most wonderful music you will ever hear in a Cabaret show.  I have a bias for  glamorous and beautiful people in my age category.  Linda is absolutely stunning, and just to make the evening  more visually interesting she changed from an exquisite dress to sexy Blazer & Pants during the show.

Bring a seat belt and any medication you take to focus if you go to this show.  You will not want to miss a second of it.

Linda Lavin at 54 Below thru January 12.








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