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National Gyro Day at Amali Mou

National Gyro Day at Amali Mou

Why you may be staring at your calendar today and sadly wondering where did the summer go, there is another great reason to cheer. Turn that frown upside down since it is National Gyro Day.


The popular Amali’s sister restaurant, Amali Mou is celebrating the holiday in a big way. Located in the spectacular Urban Space Vanderbilt (East 45th Street & Vanderbilt Avenue – North East Corner) is one of our favorite vendors in the groundbreaking space.

For National Gyro Day Amali’s Executive Chef Dan Ross-Leutwyler has partnered up with Pies ‘n’ Thighs to create a wonderful dish. The gyro is not only delicious it is unique in tangy flavor. The chicken is composed and mixed perfectly in a crisp presentation. The scrumptious sauce of a mix of tzatziki dressing and old-school American ranch truly has to be experienced to understand the rich quality. Also, the pickles are superb and add the perfect touch to this handful of yumminess.

It is a great lunch in the space and a delight. It is obvious that it was created from a passionate place and love for cooking. It’s not just fast food – it is a sense of home and comfort. It is not surprising that the recipe came from a special place since Chef Dan also happens to be married to the lovely co-founder of Pies ‘n’ Thighs, Carolyn Bane.


To add to it there is also a new limited edition to the menu of some amazing Fully Loaded Fries. We love the dish of hot fries topped with confit pork and grilled chicken (dish made to order), feta, pita chips, tzatziki, cherry pepper mayo, dill, and parsley. It is big enough to be a meal alone or split with your friendly co-worker during your lunch break.


Both dishes will be available until the end of September. Be sure to get yours today and Happy National Gyro Day.


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