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New Jersey Has Opened Its Doors to Online Gambling, Will Other States Follow?

New Jersey Has Opened Its Doors to Online Gambling, Will Other States Follow?

Online gambling became a reality in New Jersey back in 2013 when a bill was signed to regulate both online poker and casino games in the state. This saw operators rush off to get up and running and by November 2013 games were launched. The Online gambling industry in NJ is overseen by the DGE meaning that everything is fair and above board, and this has led to the possibility of other states looking to follow suit.

It’s quite clear just how popular online gambling is, not just in the states that it is legal in, but around the world too. Millions of people are logging on to their favourite online casinos at any one time and when they do, they will be depositing and spending money. This is one of the big reasons why states are looking to get online gambling and gaming legalised, for the revenue that it generates.

Most states already have existing gaming establishments, such as casinos and run state wide lotteries too. The introduction of online gambling would only serve to enhance what is already there, again engineering better revenue. This is especially useful if the land-based casinos and lottery are on the decline.

New York is one of the state’s that is extremely likely to head down the path of legalising gambling in some way, shape or form. It’s believed that the Empire State would be interested in legalising online poker so that they could partner up with the likes of Nevada, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey to create a player pool which would exceed 40 million.

Illinois have tried to make online gambling a reality previously and while they have failed in the past, they are likely to try again in 2018. Illinois is a state that desperately needs revenue, just like Pennsylvania, and online gambling licenses could be just the ticket due to the fees that come with them. There is also talk of a move to legalise daily fantasy sports too, or DFS, and the combination of that and online gambling would be extremely beneficial to the state and the people living in it.

Another reason that states could look to get online gaming and gambling legalised is due to the situations of their neighbors. If for example neighbouring states have newer and more modern casinos, it’s likely consumers will opt to travel there to play their favourite casino games, rather than stay in their own state.

This has led to places such as West Virginia and Connecticut looking to make online gambling and gaming a realistic proposition in the very near future. It would stop state residents looking to enjoy casinos elsewhere, with them more likely to stay put if they can legally gamble from home. It also means that the revenue made is going to also stay within the state and it can be used to improve the declining land based casinos in the area. This will be welcome news for recently licensed brands like Party Casino, who are all keen to meet the growing demand for this type of entertainment.


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