Nightlife With Rose: Robert Farber’s Benefit For National Meningitis Association

Robert Farber

On October 8th a private exhibition of iconic photographer Robert Farber To Benefit National Meningitis Association at his home.







Ed Callaghan, Donald Billings and John Wegorzewski

Helping to raise money for The National Meningitis Association were Richard Thomas, Lynn Bozof, Gary Springer, Sara Herbert Galloway, Errol Rappaport, Joanna Goldenstein and Heike Vogel.











T2C's star on the rise Jaye Rosenberg

A percentage of all sales from Farber’s works through October 22nd will benefit the educational efforts of the National Meningitis Association to make the public aware that meningitis is a vaccine preventable disease.










Donald Billings and Kevin Laue











Tom McGovern and his wife












Patrick McCaffrey, his daughter and his beautiful wife Jill

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