November Horoscopes

I apologize for the lateness. Hurricanes, snow, no internet, all took it’s toll.

Scorpio: All the planets gather wishing you a happy birthday, even a solar eclipse in Scorpio, will bring you a gift. Mercury will be in retrograde all month until the 26th, so think slow and steady and in time, life will seem sweet. This is good news considering last month was trying with tough circumstances. Lets start with that eclipse on November 13th – think a pumped up new moon offering change and new opportunities. Mars has your household expenses going up, but that will ease up after the 16th. November 22nd -23rd, keep your cool and stay put. Around November 28th, cash just seems to flow straight to your bank account. Your biggest birthday gift is that of true love, so keep your eyes open.

Sagittarius: As November begins, energy and flow will stay on an all time high until the 16th. Mercury goes retrograde in Sagittarius and then Scorpio, so you are going to feel this retrograde more than most signs. DO NOT SIGN ANY CONTRACTS or AGREEMENTS! Keep your money in the bank and don’t spend, unless you are desperate, until December. Put items you love somewhere safe as this time will make you forgetful. There are two eclipses, the first is the 13th in your twelfth house of subconscious mind, so listen to your dreams and stay positive. On the 28th the eclipse has romance on a high priority for you now and may just take those blues away.

Capricorn: You will feel like a turtle this month as everything seems to be on a slower than normal pace. Somehow, I don’t think this will disturb you, considering what you went through last month. You will feel social and wonder where the party is, but reality has you knowing next month will offer you more than enough opportunities. Mercury in retrograde has you evaluating your friendships and seeing long lost friends with whom you reconnect. Like most signs, no signing of contracts and keep shopping to a minimum. News on the job front will have you smiling and your past efforts start to reap rewards. You will also gain energy if you do not push yourself, as your health improves over distressing your body, mind and soul.

Aquarius: That pot of gold that you have been waiting for, arrives. Neptune turns direct on the 11th, so income owed that has been playing hide and seek, will be found. On the 13th, the eclipse brings career advancement. Get creative and fame will follow. With this comes responsibility, so make sure you are passionate about what you want to achieve. You do get to say yes or no. Saturn is far away, so this new moon offers very little limitations. On the 21st, VIP’s will open their doors and on the 29th, what you have asked for is given. Not only has life been tough career and money wise, but also in romance. Cheer-up, because a trip could bring that soul mate front and center. Jackpot!

Pisces: After last month, news that this month will be better should make you smile. The eclipse on the 13th is big for you, offering new horizons and expanded thinking. Your philosophy is being broadened. Travel is highlighted, especially to other countries. If you have legal action, expect the media to offer help as things speed along and become enlightening. Settlements and offers will happen before you even get to court. Saturn is helping you find stability that will last for sometime. This month highlights your professional life and socializing will bring friends closer. Invitations will be pouring in, so get those outfits ready to wear. Beware of the 22nd and 23rd as something will happen that will try to throw you. As for love, the 29th brings an old lover back to your arms. You knew it wasn’t over yet.

Aries: The stress of the previous months will break loose and you will start to see light. Yes, miracles do happen. On the 13th and the 28th, look for surprises. This is a month to relax, take it easy, go with the flow and you will see how things will fall into place. Look to the past for the answers, jobs and opportunity. Salaries, fame and accolades are coming to you, but try to keep them at bay until the 16th. This trend will continue until December 25th. If someone owes you money, you may see it after the 13th. Now is the time to pay the lottery or go for a loan. Make sure you go through every offer with a fine-tooth comb and know that there are no hidden agendas.

Taurus: This month will be in sync with others, but plans may go array. Go with the flow and have patience. Mercury is in retrograde and affects your sign greatly. Keep your eyes on your possessions or you may misplace, lose or have them taken. If your phone gets stolen, wait to buy one as that one may break down. Watch your health and if you feel the need to sleep, now is the time. Saturn, the teacher of lessons, may be bring the harsh reality of something for you to see. Do not be distressed for it will benefit you in the long run. On the 13th, a relationship has the opportunity to go to the next level. On the 28th, money will be coming your way. For you this month, life is a rollercoaster, so enjoy the ride.

Gemini: Mercury, your ruling planet, goes back into retrograde from the 6th to the 26th. Take deep breaths, go slow and let your body, not your mind, lead the way. Back stuff up and keep possessions where you know they are and remember, this is a time of forgetfulness, so be extra careful. Get ready for work, as this month will offer up a lot. On the 13th, the workload will seem extra heavy because of misplaced or lost items. The good news is your cash flow should be steady. Neptune turns direct on the 11th and Mars joins in starting on the 16th, so praise, honors and position could be yours. You do need to watch your health, so make sure to rest; good food and relaxation are in the picture. Save the parting for next month.

Cancer: Come out of those shells, as romance is on the horizon. Mercury is in retrograde the 6th to 26th, so everything on the work front needs to be spelled out. Watch out for missed communications. There will be a lot of business and it will seem as if you are running a race sideways this month, especially on the 14th. NO SIGNING OF CONTRACTS, wait until December. Old lovers will come back into the picture as well as new ones. A creative project brings more than just a job. Get ready to be social and remember to look your best. Be on the lookout for news that will have you shouting hurray between the 25th and 26th, as money is coming your way and it has been a long time coming.

Leo: Love, socializing and a slower pace…mmmm, I can see you cats purring. Where you live, family and a new life will have you contemplating a new den. Last month, you saw your career take an upswing with fame, money and leadership, making you proud and fluffed up. You kings and queens of the jungle now know this doesn’t mean a thing without a mate. On the 13th, the solar eclipse will open those doors. Work comes back into play from the 16th thru December, but this work will bring with it rare and valuable antiquities that will have you gleaming with delight. Your partner will be the bearer of this new work. Make sure you get plenty of lovin’ in before the 16th, so your mate and you are ready for the fun times ahead.

Virgo: Your month is packed to the rafters with activities. This has you delighted because the rut that you had been in has lifted. Do not rush any important deals, as your ruler, Mercury, is in retrograde from the 6th to the 26th. For you, this lies in your house of contracts. What seems normal, will not be after this date so TAKE YOUR TIME. Contact friends from the past as healing of the soul lies there for you to grab. On the 8th and 9th, get out there in the world as it has presents for you, if you only ask. Family has news on the 13th. On the 28th you will be singing, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Libra: “Let the good times roll” difficulty of the past month ends. For the past three years you have accomplished much, become stronger and wiser. You now know there is nothing you cannot do. Mercury turns retrograde on the 6th until the 26th and the affects for you concern balance of travel, communication, siblings, earned income, postponements of meetings and money arriving late. On the 13th, you should be able to raise your income. With that, you will lower your financial stress. Mars brings travel and family into the picture, especially a sibling. Your home is a concern this month but wait until December to buy anything, and for you, January is the time to get your home in order. Beware of the 27th, as tempers may flare.

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