October Astrology

****The Full Moon of Monday, October 29th is powerful for all signs

Libra:  Happy Birthday as your future is full of inspiration and change. As energy abounds, so does your hope. Partners play a big role but a spiritual retreat, could offer much wisdom, which will guide you on your journey. Let this be a gift to yourself. Relationships have been unsteady, thanks to Saturn who is making you look at your own values and resources. Have you felt like a moving target?  The cosmic trials have been intense this fall but in the long term in your best interest. October 8th, your Higher Mind will help you make sense of it all in your dreams and inner world so go within to find the answers. Neptune and your ruler Venus are in your house of dreams and imagination, giving them the power to set your reality right. October 15th, your relationships are infused with a new energy. They will either sink or save you from drowning. October 21st, every sign is being tested and for you it is roadblocks and restrictions but this too shall pass. The universe’s gift to you is to teach you to forgive yourself. Halloween ideas: Think sexy but within. Clark Kent, a librarian, a secretary, Peter Parker.

Scorpio: The world seems all right, right now. You have faced those inner demons and those lessons have found you in a different place. Pat yourself on the back because your progress is rare. Your inner world has you feeling like a mad scientist or a great explorer. Saturn, however, has you feeling isolated as you long to share your discoveries. No worries; keep on letting the inspiration flow and you may just change the world. Neptune is sitting in a house of fantasy, so listen to your dreams as there is a powerful current of energy. There will be a conflict earth and the reality we must live in. I know the cosmic weather pattern is challenging, but just know you know what you know. Significant others will help ground you but stay alert. October 8th, hold onto your values as you will be challenged. October 15th, energy brings more ideas and past trauma to be unearthed and brought to the light. October 21st, recognition from your family. Halloween ideas: The Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland, Christopher Columbus.

Sagittarius: Mysticism will draw you in as finances continue to annoy. Try and stay single if you can right now as relationships will hold back your spiritual transformation. This needs to be a you-month. Pluto brings your resources as well as your past into play. Saturn has you dreaming new visions. Ask for guidance and it will be given. All the universe can do is offer. Do you choose to accept? All you have to do is let go. Neptune brings home family and spirituality to the forefront. You have been ignoring part of yourself and this will rise to the surface of your dreams. Your Higher Self is calling for you to reach a higher plateau. Faith and partners will help you achieve your goals. October 8th, energy from Mars as old traumas come to the surface to be cleared. October 15th, more energy to understand the wounding and heal.  October 21st, partners bring an extra lift as you journey past the past. Halloween ideas: Music Icons like Liberace, Elvis, Cher and Judy Garland will entertain.

Capricorn: As you forge past the obstacles on the physical plane, you find optimism and energy. The truth of serving others helps you serve yourself. Wanting to retreat from the world has you finding inspiration within. You find yourself disillusioned by the news. A tremendous shift shakes the core of your being. When that happens, you dig deep down to the depths to find answers. Your ruler, Saturn, is in your house of socializing and connections. New friendships, group gatherings will allow you to move forward. You are stumbling as far as your career and need to realign your vision of the future. Your family and home environment is no longer stable. Your transformation is changing your core values and if you don’t face up to this you will end up in the same old rut. October 8th, moving out into the world, lets you see your world in a new light. October 15th, energy, discovery and transformation will bring you to your purpose. October 21st, creative tension brings old traumas out into the open. Halloween ideas: Oh you Devil, Warlock, Dark Lord, Darth Vador or winged demon. Better to act the part than be it.

Aquarius: You are coming into your own. As you enter the door that has no key, you become a little S&M. Oh the angst of pain, but ah the bliss of exploration as you enter the cosmic universe. The powerful Full Moon enters your relationship with communication. Your ruler, Uranus, wants you to learn, so you may as well enjoy school. You will be given acknowledgement though you would rather retreat into your inner world. Neptune is in your resources sector, but as much as you would like that to mean helping you in fiancés, he is working in the deepest layers of your psyche. Health or wealth….? Don’t answer that.  You will feel your sense of security is threatened, as your rewards are not always seen. You will see public recognition in your career but pay close possible attention to the greater whole. October 8th, you move forward with vitality, but your true work is going on beneath the surface of your conscious mind. October 15th,  energy uncovers what lies within as you communicate to the world.  You speak your truths to others. October 21st and 22nd  tension arises as you feel the strain of the inner and outer world. Halloween ideas: Scarlett O’Hara, Rhett Butler, Marie Antoinette, Caesar or Cleopatra. The past is in the future.

Pisces: Ground yourself as trials begin and bring renewed hope and  possibility. You have spent months in self-examination, exploring your depths in a new way. Old wounds that never fully healed stem from your early years, but remain present, haunt you and sabotage your efforts. Time to let go and confront the past with a new attitude. Accept yourself and you will see the treasure you are. The Full Moon aligned with Uranus and Pluto, in resources and values. Your finances, which have always been stable, is to shake your learning curve. The Sun currently in your house of personal evolution, while your co-ruler Jupiter, is home and family. Saturn is sitting in your Higher Mind as Neptune messes with your identity sector, which it co-rules with Jupiter. This all means your transformation is to move forward with your life. Acceptance of yourself at all levels, wounds and all the universe does. October 8th, more reassessment and self-searching as Mars brings you career tidings. By digging deeper you will discover rare treasures. October 15th, energy gives you the strength to deal with finances as you find the value in yourself. October 21st, tension in your purpose will. Halloween ideas: Sexy French maid say qui qui, a gypsy is wild and free and reads tea leaves, a pirate unearths treasures.

Aries: Your life right now is mystical as you ride the rollercoaster of life. For you this journey right now is a series of ups and downs. As each pattern finishes up, you see more and more of these earthly illusions and you become clearer. This month will be a continuation of that as Neptune brings out your house of dreams and imagination. There is a personal obstacle to overcome and it is in the area of intimate communication. October 8th tension comes to a head. October 15th critical voices are more truthful than you’d like. October 21st is the start of a launching pad; so get ready to blast off. Halloween ideas: Try Pan or a Greek warrior princess.

Taurus: For everything turn, turn, turn as you connect to the spiritual side of your being. This is a journey of enlightenment. Your psyche is working out past traumas and this is a time of personal change and that can be lonesome, but necessary. For you Saturn is working out relationships both with the self and with partners. Look for mentors, guides or inner voices along the way, for they will be put into your path. On October 8th remember your strengths and your weakness. Failures are the stepping-stones to success. October 15th the path will seem clear with maybe a trip in sight. October 21st will be intense for you but others will smooth the rough patch. Halloween ideas: Why not wow as the Golden Calf or heal the world as a High Priestess.

Gemini: Finally a month where all seems to be right with the world. Karma seems to be keeping those curve balls away and your future seems shinning. Neptune has your career and professional life humming along and Saturn brings health. This entire planetary good will mean plenty of choice, so choose wisely.  On October 8th, you dig deep into self-expression, as your life becomes a human art masterpiece. Past traumas become unveiled and you have a chance to heal. October 15th has you running as fast as you can after that golden ring. October 21st has some pitfalls having to do with love, but remember true love can conquer anything. Halloween ideas: Time to show your duality. Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Human with a good angel and bad angel on either shoulder.

Cancer: Feel dreamier than usual, yet more active? There is a dichotomy of revelations coming to you as the universe transformative energy enters. You feel it stronger than most because you are a water sign. People will seek you out for your points of view. They want your insight but what you will reveal will have painful realizations so conflicts will arise. You want to be alone but this will not happen. You will, however, feel alone as you uncover the deep layers of the cosmic plan, as others are not altogether ready. Uranus and Pluto last month used their powers to trigger this transformation. Your career and professional life seem like a moving target; go within to your inner world and ask the angels for guidance. This is what the universe is asking you to do so you will be rewarded. October 5th Saturn has you feeling isolation, but know you are capable of achieving. October 8th’s limitations bring growth. October 15th, energy, business achievement will have you humming. October 21st, another test but smile because the universe loves you. Halloween ideas: A mermaid or Oyster revealing a pearl.

Leo: Change is on the horizon.  You have reached the bottom and the only way left is up, so head to the light of transformative energy. Emotionally you know this is the answer, but the stubborn pride is getting in your way.  Dig deep inside and you will see that the trials provided important lessons to a larger picture. We cannot see the truth in others until we see the truth in ourselves. Your life force is what is at stake. New visions will be there for you to see if you have eyes. Saturn brings your home and family into focus as you struggle for psychological security. Neptune has you learning about intimacy. One must give if they are to receive and visa versa. October 8th, you will be asking who am I, where am I and what am I.  October 15th, time to stand up for your self and ask for what you want. Dig inside and if it is painful, just breathe, this too will pass. October 21st, tests have you questioning all, but the answer lies within your soul. Halloween ideas: Miss Kitty (both the cartoon and the saloon girl), Cowardly Lion or Garfield. Go purr the night away.

Virgo: Your identity is in question as you go through mid-life crises of sorts. People know Geminis are dual but now you feel as if you are several different people and you are sorting yourself out. Illusion leads to confusion and, ultimately, resolution. No worries, you will find your own inner truth but where you land may not be where you started. Uranus and Pluto are to blame as they play havoc with your soul’s purpose. Your identity is the issue here as transformation wants you to quantum leap onward. Recognition and acceptance will allow you to emerge, as a glorious new creation. Hurt is a part of the process and in all our pasts there are mine fields. The good news is you do survive the walk through this territory. October 8th, reflect to move forward. Slow and steady wins the race. October 15th, resources get a boast and that includes your energy and focus. October 21st, Scorpio makes you stand up for yourself especially in relationships. Halloween ideas: Mr. Clean, an angel, a cloud. Anything white will keep you protected.


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