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Business Reviews BitClub Network, Draws Ire of Creators Reviews BitClub Network, Draws Ire of Creators

Obvious Bitcoin scam, BitClub, falls apart under the lens of scrutiny, creators lash out

London, October 27, 2017., one of the top watchdogs of the flourishing crypto currency industry, has taken a closer look at long-confirmed Bitcoin scam BitClub Network , to find a ridiculously set-up website, a suspicious pitch and a pyramid-style reward/revenue system as obvious as the light of day.

According to ScamBitcoin, the BitClub Network has recently withdrawn from the US, following several reports from disgruntled clients there, which may have come to the attention of local authorities. Keeping with their usual MO of brutally attacking reviews exposing their scam, BitClub’s perpetrators have already targeted the ScamBitcoin review, looking to discredit it.

The BitClub Network – allegedly run by a team of convicted international criminals – has removed its homepage content, which had been closely scrutinized by the said review, so visitors to the site are now greeted by a more or less empty page. The page detailing the compensation scheme of the “operation” has remained live though, delivering the perfect blueprint of a Ponzi pyramid.

Having mopped up the obviously fake user testimonials (one of which featured the photo of a convicted Indian rapist, stolen from a local newspaper), BitClub perpetrators proceeded to unleash their usual comment-section attack. It is worth noting that most honest reviews regarding the true nature of the BitClub scam have been attacked in similar fashion.

ScamBitcoin warns its readers and everyone else who may come across this bit of information, to steer clear of the BitClub Network scam.

About launched in 2017, ScamBitcoin has quickly become one of the top destinations for research regarding the legitimacy of various Bitcoin and altcoin-based services. Specialists of the site have reviewed hundreds of cryptocurrency scams, HYIP schemes, Ponzis and other shady operations , in an ongoing effort to weed out and expose scammers who give the budding crypto industry a bad name.


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