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Should I Have Laser Hair Removal for My Full Body?

Should I Have Laser Hair Removal for My Full Body?

Soft, smooth skin. It’s something lots of people desire today, but often it’s unachievable with traditional methods like shaving and waxing. This is especially true if you have coarse, dark hair. Even if you wax on a regular basis, you’re likely to experience bumps, ingrown hairs, and lots of other issues, not to mention the pain of regular waxing. Thanks to the frustrating cycle that many other hair removal products create, more people than ever are looking to laser hair removal full body procedures can mean you remain hair free on a permanent basis, and that’s exactly the goal so many are trying to reach today.

The Process

If you’re unfamiliar with laser hair removal, it’s actually a fairly simple process. The technician aims a concentrated beam of light at the hair follicles. The light is actually absorbed by the color inside the hair. That, in turn, damages the hair follicle enough to make certain it can’t grow again. Because the hair cycle works differently for every person, it can take several sessions to achieve a completely hair free body on a permanent basis, and you may need a few touch-up treatments in the future to reach your goals.

The Benefits

There are a number of great benefits that come with laser hair removal. The treatment is one of the safest on the market today. Many people only experience redness as a side effect, and often the cool down cream at the end of your session will take care of that. You don’t have to worry about ingrown hairs or other problems like you do with other treatments. Another real benefit for many people is the fact that results can typically be achieved in less than an hour, depending on how large the treatment area is. For most people, that means a fairly minimal interruption to the daily routine. More than that, though, it’s also fairly cost effective. After the initial round of procedures, you don’t have to worry about the cost of waxing, razors, or hair removal creams. It does cost more initially than those treatments, but it also saves you more over time.

The Drawbacks

While there are some great benefits, there are a few drawbacks. Some people don’t enjoy the sensation that accompanies laser hair removal. If you’ve ever felt a rubber band snap against your skin, you know a bit about what laser hair removal feels like. You’ll feel that each time the laser pulses across your skin. It also takes a bit of time. Results aren’t overnight. The hair falls out as the follicles die, so it may take a couple of weeks to notice results. It’s also not suitable for people of all skin types and in all areas, so it’s important to consult with your treatment professionals to figure out if it’s right for you.

The Bottom Line

Full body laser hair removal is one of the only ways to achieve permanent baby soft skin across your body, and it’s not as painful or as expensive as you think.  If you’re in search of perfect, hair free skin, laser hair removal might be ideal. Schedule a consultation session today.

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