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Show Some Frenchie Love for Your Faithful Mutt!

Show Some Frenchie Love for Your Faithful Mutt!

Frenchie bulldog

Bulldog lovers now can express their love for those lovely mutts with a tee! Tee shirts featuring the French bulldog are all the rage. The French bulldog, affectionately called Frenchie, is a small dog that is loved for its affectionate and playful temperament. What better way to display your love for these little loving dogs than donning a Frenchie tee shirt?

The Frenchiet-shirt is not only a tribute to a lovely companion but also a nice item to have in your closet.

Where are they stocked?

You can get your tee from any Frenchie tee shirt shop in your area or online. Frenchie tee shops ship the tee shirts from the manufacturer. They have many varieties of tee shirts, so you will bespoiled for choice. Frenchie bulldog lovers need to visit the shops often to update their collection.

The Frenchie bulldog

This is a popular breed with celebrities. Quite a number of them have been photographed showing off their cute little tykes on the red carpet. It is also becoming increasingly popular with children and people who love to travel with pets. It fits beautifully in the car or the cab butmay provoke a lot of complaints on the bus. A few facts about Frenchie:

  • They are happiest when with humans.
  • They are great for the indoors. They do not like the outdoors too much. If you want a dog to take walks with, you may need to look at other breeds.
  • They are small in size and therefore great travelling companions.
  • They are great for security. They do not bark for the sakeof it, so if they do, you can be sure there is a stranger around.


  • Frenchies are easy to handle because of their size. They can be cheeky and oh! Do they love attention! They will pull any number of pranks on you for a pat and a tummy rub.
  • The puny mutt loves humans and thrives around them. They do not need to exercise a lot, but will not say no to running after a ball. They are better inside than out.
  • It is housebroken, so no need to worry about it being inappropriate indoors. If not, you can easily train it.
  • Frenchie may be cheeky but knows when to play nice.
  • It is a good fit for any family. Frenchie does well with seniors as well as young children.
  • It does not have movie star looks. That adorable pudgy little face does not conjure up images of beauty, but it is an adorable pet.

Not much is required in terms of activities for this breed, but if you can spare a 15-minute walk and a ball chase, your dog is well entertained. They are not concerned about how much they have to frolic about. They are concerned about being with you.

Frenchie bulldog tee shirt shops and makers are well aware of how dedicated Frenchies owners are and how special these wee mutts are and they have therefore deemed it proper to avail tee shirts to celebrate the lively little dogs.



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