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Spring Equinox Out With The Old and Bring in The New

Spring Equinox Out With The Old and Bring in The New


March is a month of spiritual renewal. With the Spring Equinox happening tonight (March 20th) at 12:30 a.m. now is the time to bring what you want into fruition.

The Vernal/Spring Equinox is the launch of the astrological year. Happy New Year! Time to burn what you want into your being and make things “magically” happen. With Sun at 0 degrees Aries, the theme is action, energy and courage. The Chaucerian Sun brings flourishing makes your home a secure nesting place. Libra acts to balance or alter the course.

By putting your attention on what you truly want you can reap the success of your being. Until the 23rd meditate, start a vision board, dream of what you need and want. We reap what we sow. For the New Moon Solar Eclipse and the Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse which will occur in Libra on March 23rd. This is a good time for us to express ourselves and our needs directly and clearly with others. This Full Moon is one to remember because it lands on the day of the Christian “Last Supper,” it also occurs close to the Jewish holiday of ‘Purim.’ We are asked to celebrate.

Saturn currently in Sagittarius goes retrograde on March 25. This makes the energy a bit more intense because we are being asked to take action towards our relationships and look at the big picture. Saturn is the planet of discipline and rules and in retrograde it allows us to expand our awareness and allow new perspectives into our lives. Mars, asks us to take stock of what we have learned and create more joy in our lives.

Jupiter, the planet of abundance square with Saturn, which may raise some confusion and doubts around your faith.

Spring Equinox or Autumn Equinox it is about finding balance within.

For light workers, immense shifts and rerouting of your physical energies are happening to fall make you connect with your etheric self. You are moving onto a higher dimension. Do not fret you will not lose track of those you love, even if some of them prefer to remain on a third dimensional level.

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