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Student News: How to Obtain an Environmental Internship in Singapore

Student News: How to Obtain an Environmental Internship in Singapore

As time goes by, the whole globe makes positive efforts to protect the environment from the many threats it is facing. According to reports, the environmental changes are likely to become extreme in the near future as humans continue to affect the environment negatively. Singapore is on the front line of protecting environmental resources and encouraging young minds to share their ideas. One of the ways this is accomplished is by having environmental internship programs so that students can be part of the solution.

Whether you are studying in Singapore or abroad, you can plan to have your environmental internship through the singapore foreign employment department during your next summer holiday. They conveniently make sure that all foreign students are well settled in this country and are enjoying their internship programs. So, how do you go about joining this program?

Reasons to Consider Singapore for Environmental Internships

If you have already chosen a career that focuses on protecting nature, then you have to find the best internship program. It is worth noting that different countries and cultures have their own efforts to protect mother nature. It is during the internship that students get to practice what they learn in school, and they need a wide scope to do so. Singapore is the ideal country in which to learn about environmental sustainability.

Both the government and private organizations have made serious efforts to maintain their forests in a natural state. They have embraced the use of sustainable energy like solar power and also have taken it seriously to enlighten Singaporeans about these efforts. As a student, one will get a chance to interact with well-defined environmental protection procedures and participate in efforts to implement them.

Students will also receive exposure to working with both international and local scientists who have been hired by the government to find solutions to environmental challenges. Apart from participating in lab-based tests and experiments, the students will also have a chance to provide their input.

Lastly, Singapore is a great choice for someone who is building a foundation for a career ahead. The country respects that students need a strong basis and, therefore, values preparing them in the best way possible. You can rest assured that the government agency charged with environmental protection will support you in learning as much as possible and will make comprehensive reports about the internship.

How to Secure an Environmental Internship in Singapore

Singapore is not selective about the specific individuals chosen as long as they have met the requirements when applying. There are various advertised programs for students studying the environment. What is more is that they can accept you from any state around the globe. To make it convenient for students, getting a visa through an immigration agent is easy. Student accommodation is also cheap and subsidized so that students can focus on their internship program.


Students have a reason to smile if they choose Singapore as their place to have an environmental internship. They can rest assured that in addition to getting an exposure to the best learning environment, their ideas will be appreciated as well.


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