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Taking Proper Care of your Cats

Taking Proper Care of your Cats

Cats are often considered to be independent pets that require minimal supervision and care. However, the reality is that they need a caring and nurturing environment where they can grow and thrive. While their self-reliance is outstanding in comparison to other pets such as dogs, their loyalty and happiness is determined by the affection and care they receive. Your cat should always feel valued and appreciated as a part of your family and home.

Health Care

It is important to make an effort to keep your pet healthy with preventative treatment, good nutrition and an active lifestyle. A healthy cat is a vibrant cat and taking them to the vet for checkups is beneficial. Regular checkups help to identify medical issues before they become severe conditions.

  • During the examination you can discuss any concerns you may have about your cat’s health. Let the vet know if you have noticed any worrying signs such as changes in her movement, feeding and sounds. The cat’s vaccines will usually be updated along with other tests to check for parasites. Any condition that your cat may have will be treated.
  • Older cats require more exams because they are vulnerable to diseases. If you have kittens, it is advisable to take them to a vet during the first week. Their visits to the vet need to be more frequent for the required vaccinations and to find out if there are any existing health risks that they are prone to. Read about cat litters
  • A sick cat requires medical treatment and pet owners are encouraged to invest in pet insurance or set aside a fund that can cater for emergencies. Symptoms of illness vary and include discharge from the eyes, itchy ears, difficulty breathing and lumps on the skin.
  • Cats are neutered and spayed to protect them from diseases and prevent them from straying. These procedures are helpful if you cannot accommodate more kittens.

Grooming and Dental Care

  • Cats are known for their grooming skills but you also need to check for skin conditions and fleas. Grooming gives you the chance to bond with your pets and keep them as clean as possible.
  • Dental care has a significant effect on your cat’s health. Gum disease and neglect are linked to health problems.
  • You can consult a vet about how to keep teeth clean and healthy to avoid pain, tooth loss and the inability to eat.

Comfort and Space

  • Create a comfortable space for your cat at home with pillows and blankets.
  • If your cat has bedding, make sure that you wash it regularly.
  • Clean the litter box on a daily basis because a cat will probably avoid it if is dirty. Place litter boxes in different parts of your home if you have a number of cats.


Find out the type of nutrition that your cat needs. Your vet can recommend specific cat food according to factors such as age and weight. Cats need to eat the right food to ensure that they consume the nutrients they need to avoid adverse health consequences. Keep your cat hydrated with fresh water.

Melanie James is a freelance writer whose articles have been published on numerous occasions. She enjoys reading books by her favorite authors, watching movies and cooking exotic meals. Visit for more information.


Fung Shui Pet

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