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Technology in Education

Technology in Education

Technology plays a great role in our life, making it easier and more interesting. Of course, technology grows in all spheres of people life, including education. Thanks to the technology development, students and teachers get more benefits. If you are going to write an essay about this, let’s see what important moments you have to remember.
1. Structure your work properly
Before you start writing, make the outline of your future work. This will help you to create a logical and solid story. Thanks to the outline, you will know what to write about and you won’t miss any important thing. Your work should consist of next parts:
− introduction, where you need to grab the readers’ attention and let them know what your work is about;
− main part, where you develop your ideas (this section may contain three and more paragraphs);
− conclusion, where you summarize your thoughts and finish your work briefly.
If you need more tips about how to structure your essay properly, find them on our website
2. Plan your time
Writing is not an easy process, that’s why you should plan your time to finish work till the deadline. You need to make researches, then write a draft, and after that to proofread your work and rewrite your draft, correcting all logical, grammar and spelling errors. Each of these parts of work needs enough time, so plan your writing and try to be accurate with terms you set.
3. Importance of technology
At the very beginning of your essay we suggest defining the importance of technology in general, not only in education section. The main goal of technology is to improve our life and make it easier with new gadgets or software. Explain readers how technology helps to improve education system. Compare education system of past times with nowadays, discuss what and why has changed. Define what advantages the education system got for last several years, make a list of improvements and explain their importance for education.
You can use for writing your essay these ideas:
− Software and its importance for students. Thanks to program software, it’s possible to make quizzes, tests and questionnaires that make the learning process easier and interesting.
− Online services and education websites. Students are able to find all the needed information on internet.
− Internet technologies allow distance studying. Thanks to modern technologies, students can study just from home, read information and take tests online. The learning process can be simplified and improved with different programs that check tests, so teacher takes a small part in a whole process of studying.
− New gadgets help students in studying. For example, projection screens in classrooms help to visualize and remember information in a faster way. Students also are able to find and learn information on internet on their laptops, tablets and even phones instead of carrying and reading many heavy books.
− Students make their essays and other works on computers. Handwritten papers are in the past, now everything can be typed and printed out.
− Technology helps not only students, but also children. There are a lot of educational games and systems for kids that help them to get ready to school.
− Thanks to the internet technology, students can interact with the world. It’s possible to learn the language and culture of another country just while sitting at the laptop. Such programs as Skype and others helps people to communicate with the whole world, learning new languages, improving skills, and getting large amounts of knowledge they won’t be able to get without internet.
4. Proofread your essay after writing
When your work is finished, revise it thoroughly to find and correct all logical, grammar and spelling errors. Maybe it won’t seem you important, but it’s obviously that nobody would read a story with mistakes. Proofreading helps to polish your work and improve your story, making it sound solid and logical. Re-read your essay for several times to find logical mistakes. Make sure all paragraphs are logically connected to each other. Use online services to check grammar errors, for example: A good idea is to give your finished essay to your friend/teacher/colleague to read. You may get good advice about improving your work and this could help to find those mistakes you missed. This is also a good chance to get the first feedback on your work.

We hope you follow our tips and create a real masterpiece. Technology is making a huge impact on the education system as it continues to develop and improve. Thanks to technology, students are getting prepared to the real world.


Suzanna, co-owns and publishes the newspaper Times Square Chronicles or T2C. At one point a working actress, she has performed in numerous productions in film, TV, cabaret and theatre. She has performed at The New Orleans Jazz festival, The United Nations and Carnegie Hall. Currently she has a screenplay in the works, which she developed with her mentor and friend the late Arthur Herzog. She was the Broadway Informer on the all access cable TV Show “The New Yorkers,” soon to be “The Tourist Channel.” email:

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