Terese Genneco Drunk With Love: A Tribute To Frances Fay at 54 Below

Frances Faye was known for singing “Gay, gay, gay, is there another way?” She was white, gruff, dry, a chick who swung the cabaret scene into a roar. With more than a dozen albums, a lot with a partial Latin beat, that Jack Costanzo, the great bongoist,supplied. Faye’s was married twice but met Teri Shepherd, later in life who was over 20 years her junior.  Shepherd told Bruce Weber in his film “The Chop Suey Club,” she and Faye were a couple for 31 years until Frances died in 1991 at age 79.

Now jazz virtuoso Terese Genecco brings the legacy of Frances Faye, to 54 Below. Genecco celebrated her third anniversary at the Iridium with her little big band, but brings Faye’s 100th birthday, to 54 Below with Jack “Mr. Bongo” Costanzo. Costanzo also use to play with Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra.  Unfortunately due to Hurricane Sandy, Mr. Costanzo will stranded in sunny San Diego and ‘Mr. Bongo’ will now be played by Emedin Rivera.

Ricky Ritzel is the man behind the keys with a medley of 15 songs in minutes.

Terese Genecco’s “Drunk With Love: A Tribute To Frances Faye” plays New York’s 54 Below on Nov. 4th.

You can also catch Terese: November 6th at The Iridium NYC as a special guest of “Shaynee Rainbolt Swings The Vote”

November 14th at The Laurie Beechman Theatre NYC as a guest of Uptown Express in “Sh-Boom! Redux”

November 20, 21, 23, 24 at 54 Below NYC in “Broadway Swings” with Natalie Douglas, & Scott Coulter

November 27th at The Cutting Room NYC with special guest To Be Announced SOON!

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