The Banana Monologues Fun Times

In sitting through The Banana Monologues, I wished my straight male friends were there. This is the perfect boys’ night out play. It is also the perfect bachelorette, bachelor or girls’ night out piece. Is it deep…no! Is it entertaining…yes, but probably not if you’re gay.

John R. Brennan tells the story of an ill-fated relationship where he plays himself, his ex (the sexy, young Alexis) and the brains that rule his manhood – Sergeant Johnson. Johnson is none too happy that his male host is in a long-distance relationship with the commitment-yearning Alexis. To make matters worse, he has a rival named Darby, who he plays as Gollem from Lord of the Rings.

Brennan is by his own words “a poor man’s Patrick Swayze.” This energetic, dancer is likeable so we are engaged in his story.

Co-written by Brennan, Jason C. Cooper and Mary Cimino the lines are funny, adolescent and thoroughly entertaining. After sitting through three hours of Shakespeare earlier, this was a welcome retreat and thank-God it was better than the Puppetry of the Penis.

Since, seeing this I sent my male friends on a play date and a good time was had by all. Sometimes we just need to laugh.

The Banana Monologues: Acorn Theatre 410 West 42nd Street until August 30th.

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