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The Best App for Tracking Cell Phones

The Best App for Tracking Cell Phones

mSpy has grown rapidly in popularity and good reputation since 2011, not by default, but certainly from the positive customer experience is offers.  It has several attractive features including the indispensable and dependable cell phone tracker free app; this remarkable tracking feature which ensures that you are constantly updated on the tracked device has made mSpy the best app for tracking cell phones available.

It is easy to use, coming with a dependable 24-hour customer service. Monitor an Apple or Android device without having to jailbreak it – it offers users all the basic features of tracking:  text messages, monitor instant messages and track GPS location.

mSpy cell phone tracker free app stand out features

All day, everyday customer support: Enjoy the 24/7 customer assistance you will get once you have this tracker. While other tracking apps allow you access to contact through one or two avenues, this parental control tracking cell phones software will grant you four avenues to reach customer support: phone, live chat, email, or a support ticketing.

Cell phone tracker without Jailbreak: The non-jailbreak version of this tracker has been released to great excitement and expectation. Monitoring and tracking an iPhone or any other iOS device has been demystified and made easy; no installation on the actual device is required since the spying can be done through the iCloud account where activity is logged and viewed on a web-based control panel from a remote location from any browser.

Geo-Fencing: This enhanced feature for tracking cell phones restricts and monitors geographical location and movement using a detailed map display in the control panel; follow phone movement to know where your child is and get an alert if they venture out of permitted area.

Keylogging: This capability enables the person monitoring the device to see all keystrokes made on a monitored phone in real time or later so that you are fully aware and abreast with message communication typed across text and social media instant messenger apps like Snapchat, Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp. Keylogging is also available to be used for Android devices tracking.

Apps and websites blocking: Parents can now sleep more soundly, with the applications and website blocking feature on this cell phone tracker free software, you can monitor and track web browsing activity and block off sites and apps deemed inappropriate or bad. Shield your children from inappropriate and get information about age inappropriate social networking activity. This feature can even control the games apps to be downloaded and played.

Unlimited device change: Change devices you use the tracking cell phones app on, as many times as you wish. Even though the tracker will only be active on one device at a time, the usage or license will not restrict you to the one device. This feature is a good test or trial boost to find out how it works before you activate it on the target phone.

Apart from Android and iOS, mSpy phone tracker is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems and allows the user to track and monitor multiple devices under one user account.



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