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The Common Types of Bed Pillows You Should Know About

The Common Types of Bed Pillows You Should Know About

The Common Types of Bed Pillows You Should Know About

In as much as there may be a perfect pillow out there for everyone, you will never find one pillow that will meet the needs of every user, hence, there are many choices, featuring styles and fills that you can always go for. If you are online scouring website such as T&N Sheets to get a couple of bedding, including pillows, then you need to know the various types of pillows available so that you can make well and informed choices when buying the pillows.

You should understand that there is more to pillows than just the puffy substance you use to keep yourself comfortable on the sofa or when sleeping and if you don’t know the available types, you may end up with wrong your choices which you may regret buying. Here is a brief look at some of the pillow types you are likely to encounter in the course of your shopping or searching for bedding-:


Memory Foam Pillows

Memory Foam pillows are the result of a project developed by NASA to protect astronauts while they traveled in space. The memory foam is designed with the ability to automatically mold itself to the shape of the supporting objects or surfaces. If you have a neck pain, upper body stiffness, shoulder problems or any kind of achiness in the upper body, then this is the right type of pillow you need to use. With it, you are guaranteed of an excellent cushioning and support while you sleep or while you sit, especially if you have troubles with your back.

It is also ideal for those with allergies since it is quite ventilated and is firmer than traditional foam. The only concern with this type of pillow is that it can be hot and some people might find this a bit uncomfortable. It is also relatively heavy and will have an unpleasant odor during the first few days of use. Though it is naturally hypoallergenic, it is never machine washable. 

Goose Down Pillow

Goose down pillows are soft and cloud-like and if you are searching for sites like T&N Sheets for a luxurious pillow, then you should not look any further than these. This is also the right kind of pillow for those interested in lightweight and moldable pillows with the ability to adjust to one’s sleeping position. In as much as duck feather fill will always be more affordable than goose down, you may occasionally be poked by quill popping via the pillowcases. However, that is not something you will ever have to worry about when you have the goose down pillows.

One of the things you will greatly admire about these pillows is the fact that they are very light and soft. They are also warm, but never hot and they don’t have any rustling sounds like the ones you will always get with feather pillows. They are a great choice for stomach sleepers or anyone in need of soft, firm and comfortable pillows.

On the downside, these pillows are not for you if you are allergic to features or you have discomfort towards using feathers. They may also not offer a lot of support and this doesn’t make them the best choice for those who need support for their backs or for side sleepers or those with neck pains or anyone with any kind of a pain in the upper extremities.

Polyester Pillows

Polyester is a common material in the bedding worlds and though its sheets may not be the best choice out there, you can always find some solace in its pillows. It is the most common synthetic fill you will find in most pillows, especially the low priced ones. It is very soft and cuddly, though you will not get any extra support from it. It is not very expensive, and you can machine wash it and these features make it a good candidate for teens and children.

The greatest highlights of polyester pillows are its comfort levels and if you are searching in the T&N Sheets sections for the right pillow for back pains, then you have every reason to check out the polyester pillow section since it was designed for such kinds of discomfort. The support it offers is moderate and as such, it is a wonderful choice for back sleepers. The downside towards using it, however, is that you may not get a very good experience if you needed a pillow with firm support. With time, the pillow fills will tend to flatten out and sometimes they can become a bit lumpy, hence, less desirable.

Latex Pillows

A good number of people around the globe love latex pillows and this is very good reasons. Natural latex is obtained from rubber trees, thus making them naturally antimicrobial. They offer a very firm support, they are cushiony, and they are also moldable, giving them the ability to take the shape and form of the object they are supporting just as memory foam. In other words, they are bouncy.

One of the attributes you will love about this pillow is that they are very supportive and will always hold their loft without them squishing around or flattening out on your face. For those with pains and aches in the upper body, this makes a very good pillow type for you. They will also not hold onto the body heat as is always the case with memory foam. Though you may not use them forever, they will serve you for a longer time than most of the pillow types you will find out there.

On the downsides, if you don’t like bouncy feels, then you will not get the most out of this pillow type. Again, you may find it to be too hard. With all the great attributes, it is understandable that latex pillows are some of the most expensive pillow types you will find around and they tend to have a characteristic odor for the first few days after purchase. They are also very heavy and you can’t machine wash them.


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