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Artist Appreciation Night at The Metropolitan Room




No, it’s not about Bugsy Siegel, Meyer Lansky or Vito Genovese.  It’s about the family of cabaret artists, audiences, music directors, musicians and all others who flock to their home at the Metropolitan Room.  The home has been created by Bernie Furshpan, Chris Mazelli and staff.  As Bernie said when he introduced Artist Appreciation Night:  “In the early morning this is just a dark stage and quiet place, and because of you, it has become a wonderful home for all who love Cabaret.”   I think Bernie said something like that because I was  already on my 2nd wine and plate of snacks graciously supplied by Mr. Furshpan for the lucky audience members who were   in the room.  Then Bernie, in typical Ed Sullivan warm but mistake prone introductions, brought each act on stage.  It was a wonderful representation of  Cabaret.  Established pros and nervous newcomers.

Having Marilyn Maye in attendance and participating added to the excitement and fun of this annual event.   The family will be getting bigger soon.  Bernie is marrying the beautiful Joanne Camilleri in June.

Barry Levitt & Steve Doyle supplied the back up









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