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The Lash Lift IsThe Beauty Treatment Everyone Is Craving

The Lash Lift IsThe Beauty Treatment Everyone Is Craving

Long and lustrous lashes have been a source of envy for decades and decades—women pined for the lashes of Hollywood greats like Elizabeth Taylor in the past, and yearn for the lashes of makeup artists on Instagram today. Luckily for the average woman, beauty professionals have a new trick up their sleeves to help their customers get the look they desperately want. If you are a beauty professional and you don’t know how to do lash lifts, you should learn fast so that you can give your clients the lashes that they crave.

If you are a makeup artist, salon professional or spa technician, you will want to be trained and certified to perform the latest beauty trends for your customers. One of the trends that you can’t dismiss is the lash lift — it will only continue to grow because the pull for glamorous lashes is too strong to resist.The lash lift is also known as an eyelash perm, which means that the careful application will cause the customer’s natural eyelashes to curl for a long time.Many women have tried to extend their short, straight and fine lashes usinglash-curlers and mascara, but those won’t have the same long-term results—the results of a lash-lift can last for up to three months instead of several hours.

Reasons to choose the lash-lift:

  • Will add length and volume to lashes
  • Makes eyes appear wider
  • Lasts much longer than mascara or lash-curlers
  • Requires very little after-care
  • Looks natural

eye lash

Beauty professionals can learn how to properly perform the service by signing up for a certified lash training course — the class intensive will cover the theory of the service and hands-on demonstrations with live models. At the end of the intensive, you will be tested on your knowledge and receive certification if your skills meet the standards of the course. You can register for the course via Lashforever Canada, the company that offers extensive training for enhancements and techniques for professionals working in the beauty industry.

Important steps the course covers:

  • Theory
  • Hands-On Training
  • Consultation
  • Review

The training course will make sure to teach a superior lash lift technique — some professionals perform the service by wrapping the lashes around a sponge rod. Using a sponge rod will over-curl the lashes, causing them to look even shorter and will make the customer’s eyes look smaller. The course will focus on a much better technique that uses silicone pads of different sizes to lift the individual lashes in a way that appears naturally curled. A beauty professional might also want to take other important courses for treatments and services that will pair well with lash-lifts like lash extensions, lash tinting and semi-permanent mascara.

If you get trained and certified to do a high-quality lash lift, you will be ready to give your customers the beauty service they are craving. With one appointment, your customers can get the long and lush eyelashes that no amount of plain mascara can provide.

Fashion and High Society

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