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The Most Expensive European Cities To Live In

The Most Expensive European Cities To Live In

European cities are highly desirable places to visit and live. They are known for their varying cultures, wide array of things to do and the range of different places to see. From mountains to beaches, Europe has it all. If you are looking to travel to the continent, then don’t forget to complete the new e111 application form to make sure you are covered for any medical treatment you may need. Living in a European city may introduce you to a new way of life but this can come at a price. These are the most expensive European cities to live in.


London is known for its extortionate house prices. For an extremely high rent you can usually afford accommodation that has little to offer in terms of space and living conditions. Buying a house is simply out of the question for most people living in London. Public transport is highly efficient but it is also essentially necessary for most people living and working in the city- congestion means that driving will take twice as long. This means that public transport costs are an added essential to be included when budgeting to live in London. In general, the cost of drinking or eating at restaurants is also high compared to elsewhere in the UK. You will frequently here visitors and Londoner’s alike complaining about the cost of a pint.


Known for its crazy nightlife and endless things to do, Amsterdam is very popular destination for tourists and people looking to move to the Netherlands. The city is a hub of culture and has a high standard of education. However, its popularity is making it more and more expensive to find an affordable home. So, despite dreaming of a home on the canal and a quick bike ride to work (the city is known as a capital of cycling) in reality you may find yourself living on the outskirts of the city, where prices are more affordable.


The German city has been ranked as the 6th in the world for quality of life. Unfortunately, this comes at a price. The ultramodern city has plenty of attractive high rise apartments, but the rent is very high making them inaccessible for most people and would take up over half of their salary. This leaves very little manage additional living costs such as transport and food shopping, let alone to enjoy all the recreational activities which make the city such a desirable place to live.


Barcelona is very popular with tourists and is known as a cheap holiday destination that offers both the city and beach experience. It is also a cultural hotspot because it is home to some fascinating architecture, museums and plenty of galleries. But living in the city is very expensive. Rent prices are very high even on the outskirts of the, while the nightlife is good but going out is one of the most expensive activities to do in Barcelona.

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