The Resurgence of Whey Protein and Its Power in Building Healthy Bodies

The Resurgence of Whey Protein and Its Power in Building Healthy Bodies

Whey protein has enormous body building skills. In ancient times, the Greeks called it healing water because of its properties of strength building and used it in their cuisines. We too have known it from our infancy, since the first time we heard about it from Miss Muffet who was enjoying her curds and whey.

However, nothing much was known and heard about it until the seventies, and this fantastic natural protein seldom found mention in our diet. Then came a time when producers of food supplements started using it in their products. Whey is a natural protein that has gained wide publicity courtesy the abundance of protein supplements available in the market. As people became more conscious about health and fitness, the focus turned to whey that has high protein content and now available as a protein supplement that you find at This article focuses on what it is exactly and how it helps to make our body stronger.

Whey is a dairy product

In its original form whey is a liquid obtained as a by-product from the manufacturing process of cheese and yogurt. Before the advent of the modern dairy plants and discovery of modern methods of processing milk for producing dairy products, whey was prepared in households by the method of fermentation or souring. In the fermentation process, the bacteria derived from fermentation causes the milk protein or casein and the milk sugar or lactose present in milk to break down or digest. The white semi solid globs separate from the liquid in a natural way. The liquid is whey, and the globs are white curds made up from the casein contained in milk. Semi-Solid is the raw material for making cheese after further processing.

Sudden spurt in supply

In the recent years, there has been a remarkable increase in the supply of whey obtained from the provision industry that produces yogurt and cheese. Since the production of dairy products has increased, the generation of whey has also gone up many times, as it is a by-product of the manufacturing process. From four pounds of milk, we get only one-pound yogurt, and the rest is a waste product from which whey can be isolated. Thus, the volume of whey is almost three times the volume of cheese or yogurt.

Demand for whey has increased

As more and more people are turning to health and fitness programs, their bodies need more protein that is not usually available from the daily diet. To bridge the gap, health foods and supplements that are rich in whey protein are ideal. Liquid whey from obtained from dairy processing plants is converted into powder and used in dietary supplements. Whey is a pure protein with no traces of fat, and it is easy to consume in powder form by mixing with some beverage that makes it ideal for health freaks. Since there are no amount at all, the body absorbs the protein much faster. Whey is excellent for building muscles that make the body stronger.

Whey contains a high amount of leucine, an amino acid that is extremely useful in muscle protein synthesis and the reason for its effectiveness.

Michael Nelson is a fitness trainer who has been associated with several celebrities. He has his gym and offers training for fitness programs. He was on the advisory board of the company that produces whey supplement.

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