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The Shape of Dining Tables Helps to Balance Aesthetics and Functionality

The Shape of Dining Tables Helps to Balance Aesthetics and Functionality

The shape of dining tables is more of an aesthetic requirement than a functional one. You might have a fascination for some particular shape of the table, but you cannot forget the functionality. When selecting a dining table for your home, there are some other important things to consider besides the shape. The average number of people who would be sitting together at the dining table and the shape of the dining area or dining room are factors that you have to take into account. Indeed, the shape is essential in creating a smooth flow at the place that enhances not only the looks of the space but also the functionality. Know your options about different shapes of dining tables NZ.

Rectangular shape is most common

Since most dining areas or dining rooms are rectangular, a square table is most befitting, which is why it is the most common shape. The shape gives flexibility because it is easy to accommodate one or two extra persons at the table with minor adjustments. Attach an additional leaf to create extra space where the added people can sit. The minimum width of the table is 36 inches that are ideal for seating on both sides of the table. Making it narrower would deny you of the two-way sitting arrangement because the space on the table would become insufficient for placing food. However, putting the food on a sideboard could make more people sit together.

Square tables for dining

If you have a square room and a small group uses the dining table at a time, then thinking about square dining tables is a good idea. However, like rectangular tables, you can add a leaf or two to the square table too, when you want more people together at the table than what the original size can accommodate. For meeting the needs of any special occasion, you can also join the square tables to create extra space. However, the square table is ideal for providing intimacy especially when few people dine together. For lending warmth to the place, a square table seems right for optimal use by a small group, which it had used a rectangular table would appear a bit cold.

Round dining tables

In a small room that is almost square, besides the square table, the round dining table would also sit perfectly. The oval shape creates transparency through higher visibility as all persons seated at the table stay close to one another and can see eye to eye without any obstructions. It gives a cozier and intimate feeling and makes it easy to carry out conversations. The size of the roundtable is essential to create the closeness because if you expand the size, people will get away far from one another.

Oval dining tables

If you want to add variety to a rectangular table while accommodating more people, the oval dining table will work well for you. The rounded corners make it appear to fit comfortably in a small room where the rectangular table might seem to make the place look cramped.


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