There were clues – Tamara Tunie at Feinstein’s


My View – written by Stephen Sorokoff

It was a little scary and not because it happened to be Halloween.   Going to see a performer you are not familiar with can be that way.  I’m probably one of the few people who has not watched much of Law & Order or As The World Turns, only enough to know they are not musicals.  Actor, director, producer Tamara Tunie was brand new for me.  Will this be an hour of fidgeting, polite smiles and applause or a wonderful night of sights & sounds?


Mike Renzi

I guess the atmosphere of Law & Order (Tamara was the Medical Examiner) contributed to my becoming a musical detective.  I looked for clues. First big one, meeting Mike Renzi in the lobby of the hotel.  The master!  Impeccable technique (hey kids he still practices scales & Bach every day) and brilliant concepts.  Mike knows exactly when to use his paint brush and when not to.  In fact, sometimes, the spaces he doesn’t fill are just as exciting as the ones he so creatively infuses.  Mike probably didn’t ride in from Rhode Island to be mere support for the singer.  He has to enjoy playing the gig.

Next clue –  “Yes, I Sing”  the “title” of the show and the song list. I tend to favor “no theme” shows just good tunes that don’t have to be connected by a story and a confident performer.

Another clue – the suspects in the audience.  All seemed the type that came to hear the music.

b.Michael (designer) - Eda Sorokoff - Gregory Generet

Final clue – Tamara is the name of my mother- in- law.  A beautiful woman born in Latvia (check my wife out).  I’m really scoring points for this clue.

This case has been solved -Tamara Tunie swings, sings great, looks great and the only crime here is that she hasn’t done more Cabaret.

Tamara Tunie at Feinstein’s at the Loews Regency, Nov. 1, 2 (8 pm)

Nov. 3  (8 pm/10:30 pm)


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