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These Are The Most Popular Metals Used In Rings

These Are The Most Popular Metals Used In Rings

Choosing a ring metal is not as simple as you might initially think. This is because there is a pretty wide range of options available right now, from the high-end platinum option to the cheap tungsten. What metal you choose will be based on personal preference and cost. At the same time, people think about personal style and ring type.

If you want to choose a great ring for you, the search needs to start with knowing all you can about the metals that are now used. Those that are the most popular are mentioned below.


This precious metal is quite expensive but it is highly appreciated because of the low maintenance that it offers. Platinum is rare and is often mixed with various other metals like iridium, palladium, ruthenium andrhodium. It is very dense so durability is remarkably high. You will not have to worry about stress-cracking and corrosion if you choose platinum rings. The only ring maintenance necessary is the occasional cleaning with the use of mild soap and warm water. Buffing can also remove scratches.


Gold rings are quite available, traditional and popular. You can find so many options available because of the popularity of gold, from the really simple ones everyone knows to those that are special, like rose gold rings. When talking about the things that make a wedding special, we do not often mention rings but it is a rare occasion not to see gold rings involved in weddings.

The really common options include white and yellow gold. You often see yellow gold as it is hard-wearing and quite easy to repair and maintain. Besides extra upkeep involved with white gold, priceis also higher. You get the lighter color in white gold through the addition of other metals, like nickel, manganese andpalladium.


Speaking about palladium, this is also a metal that is really popular for rings. Its look is similar to platinum that has a white, soft silver-looking finish. When referring to color, melting point, durability andrarity, palladium is quite similar to platinum. However, density is lower with palladium. The metal is very good for those that have a sensitive skin since palladium is a naturally hypoallergenic metal.

Sterling Silver

This metal was and still is highly popular for jewelry. Affordability is higher than with platinum and gold. Similarly to gold, silver is a metal that is soft so it is always mixed with various different alloys. The preferred content that is added is rhodium plating. This helps create a wonderful shine and an appearance that is similar to that of the more expensive white gold. The only problem is that you need to regularly clean sterling silver, although with a proper routine you do not have any reason why a shiny and polished look would not be maintained.


Last but not least, Tungsten is a low-cost option, one that is really reliable in environments that are rugged. There is minimal damage risk but the metal cannot be resized. You will love that it is scratch-proof and you do not need maintenance but remember the resizing flaw.

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