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Tips to Save on Vision Care Costs

Tips to Save on Vision Care Costs

If you have less-than-perfect vision, the idea of visiting the optometrist may strike fear in you. There’s a reason for that. Eyecare services are incredibly expensive, from the exam to the ordering of prescription glasses and contact lenses.

You’re not likely to get out of an eye appointment for any less than a few hundred dollars, and sometimes it can go much higher. Eyecare isn’t often covered by insurance either, so what can you do to take the sting out of these necessary appointments?

Use a Health Care Discount Card

One of the best things you can do to save on vision care is to join a healthcare discount card program like SingleCare. With options like SingleCare, you can save up to 75 percent on the cost of eye care as well as on prescriptions and dental services.

Essentially you can go online with these member services and search for healthcare providers near you that will allow you to save significantly. You can get discounts not only on the eye care services you need but also on things like prescriptions.

Buy Multiple Pairs of Glasses or Stock Up On Contacts

It can seem counterintuitive to spend more when your goal is to save money, but most eyecare centers and retailers do offer discounts if you buy let’s say two pairs of glasses at one time, or you buy more contacts at one time.

You might even find deals that are as good as 2-for-1, and in the short-term, you’re spending more, but in the long-term, you can save quite a bit.

What you can also do is buy an expensive pair of glasses and a cheap pair if you see a great special on pricing for buying two pairs. You can wear your cheaper pair day-to-day and then your more expensive pair at work or if you’re going out as an example.

Only Replace Lenses

Glasses can be incredibly costly, and this includes both the frames and the lenses. If you have a great pair of frames, but your prescription has changed, you can just get new lenses rather than getting new everything. This is something relatively common among consumers.

Watch What Services You Get During An Exam

Just because your optometrist says you need a service doesn’t mean you do. This is especially true if you’re going to a chain eyecare services and retail provider. You want to make sure that you’re getting what you need during an exam, but that they’re not trying to upsell you.

For example, you don’t always need your pupils dilated and retinal photos taken. If your eyes are generally healthy and you’re not over the age of 60, you can skip these services and only do them every few years.

Finally, if you’re getting a prescription for contacts from your doctor, you need to make sure you’re not being upsold there. A lot of doctors get commissions for recommending certain brands, so rather than being pushed toward a particular brand or type of contact, make sure you’re just getting your vision prescription.









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