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Titleist Releases a New Premium Ball: AVX

Titleist Releases a New Premium Ball: AVX

Titleist has confirmed that a new premium golf ball is in the testing stages. The golf balls will be called AVX. It seems that the balls will work for added distance performance. It is also expected that the design will come with a soft feel. This makes them highly desirable at top level performance. One question remains though regarding the roll of the new golf ball.

Titleist AVX

The new golf balls will come with a premium performance and a premium design. At this stage, the golf balls are still in the testing stages by dedicated golfers according to the website. Some people believe that the release of the golf ball might even come this fall, sooner than many players expect. The good news is that the technologies and features will come with some new approaches. For example, there will be a new core which is expected to perform better in terms of distance. There will also be a new cover which will be made from cast urethane. In terms of color options, not much innovation is expected for the premium design. Thus, you will, most likely, be able to choose between a pearly white color and a vivid yellow alternative.

Soft-feel and new directions for Titleist

As one of the largest manufacturers on the market, Titleist is now looking into the space of soft-feel premium designs. This means that the manufacturer will now look to dominate all golf ball niches. In a sense, this is an expected move for such a large brand. It is not impossible to see Titleist coming up with further options in the niche in the following years. However, there are some rumors around the AVX which although are expected to come in a large number, might only be sold in a few US locations. This means that the premium golf balls might not be as available as some players would expect.

There is not solid evidence at the moment for the unveiling of the AVX design at large scale or small scale. The suppositions are running around and the only definite answer will come with the release of the new design. Following the success of other releases and the quality of the brand, it is expected that the golf balls will come with a top performance.

Another question which arises with the new golf balls is if the players will manage to find a better performance than with the alternatives? What is known is that the premium AVX golf balls are in the testing stages. Golf players are now testing the performance of the new series and this is where the difference can be made even before the release. The new golf balls will come in a premium design which means the expectations are also high. The problem with the distribution will remain a mystery until the actual release. This is why players can only wait and follow how the manufacturer tries the approach as it can also be a small testing approach and an indication of something bigger to come.


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