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Top 5 Belly Bandit Reviews

Top 5 Belly Bandit Reviews

The post-pregnancy body has been making news for years now. We marvel at women who seem to bounce back soon after they give birth. Whether you choose to do it quickly or take your time with it, it doesn’t matter. No one should ever dictate to a new mother about her figure or body shame her. Lose weight in a healthy way, put your child’s and your needs first and enjoy the entire experience. One of the things that can help new mothers is a girdle. Also known as a belly wrap, these postpartum girdles are helping women regain their shape without too much effort.

They bring hips and waist back to their original shape and reduce swelling and bloating. They also help the healing post a C-section by comforting muscles. This speeds up the healing and shaping process, not to mention give you an added boost of self-confidence. The belly wrap has another advantage- it helps you by giving support to the body during the time of breastfeeding.

One of the best belly wraps you can use is the Belly Bandit. According to Belly Bandit reviews, this is top quality medical-grade shapewear that uses compression to aid the body. It’s designed specifically with the new mother in mind. A new mother is to start wearing the Belly Bandit at once after giving birth. It can be worn anywhere between 6 to 10 weeks, but not less than 8 weeks. It is meant to be worn constantly, removed only for a bath. Let’s take a look at some of the options.

  • C –Section and Recovery

Theseunderpantsare more than a girdle. It works to help you heal as well, by protecting the site of the surgery from bacteria and odor with the help of material that keeps dry through the day. You can choose between pink and black. These underpants are a combination of silver yam, spandex and polyamide. Losing weight and healing are both taken care of.

  • Viscose

Made out of bamboo, this super soft belly wrap is so popular that supply can’t even keep up. It’s comfortable, anti-bacterial, stays dry and ensures less pain in the legs and back. Wear it for about 8 weeks and you’re bound to see results.

  • Upsie Support Band

An expecting mom can do with all the help she gets in this time. The Upsie gives her tummy extra support. It combines spandex, bamboo, spandex and polyester and helps to improve blood flow and circulation. What’s more the band has space for cold and hot packs to help with any pain. It’s a great addition to your maternity wear.

  • Original

The one that started it all, this Lycra polyester combination is a girdle that promises greatresults. It’s comfortable and supportive and helps you lose inches quickly.

  • BFF Postpartum Belly

This one is truly a best friend and aids to reduce stretch marks and inches. It does so using compression and support panels and works at fast speed.

Thanks to Belly Bandit, you can forget about the mummy tummy forever. This combined with proper diet and exercise can have you back in great shape in no time at all.



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