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Top 5 Tips for Chatting with an Unknown Person

Top 5 Tips for Chatting with an Unknown Person

The internet is a whole world filled with people could prove to be potentially great friends. Other than that, you sometimes need a stranger’s shoulder to cry on. You also sometimes need to relieve yourself of something you have been holding in for too long. There are literally hundreds of reasons why you need to talk to strangers. Even so, getting tips on how to talk to strangers is important especially if you have never been able to talk to them before.

Be Very Vigilant When Talking

This is probably a childish warning but many people pay no heed to it. Remember to never give out any personal information like your house address or phone number or passwords especially when you first start chatting online.

There are a lot of bad people online who will take advantage of their hidden identities and try to harass you. If any such thing happens, talk to the people who are in charge of the app or the website. If the problem persists, keep cybercrime information with you and contact the authorities to take action against the harasser. Other than all this, remember to have fun!

Use Popular and Reliable Application

There are a number of free chatting sites on mobile devices that you can make use of to chat with unknown people. But remember to read reviews of these websites and make sure that there are no risks involved. If you are using your phone, use reliable downloading agents like Google Play Store. Try to only use one of the best apps to chat with strangers like Omegle or Mocoscape.

Do not Fear their Judgement

The person you are talking to is a complete stranger and you have no connections. This is why it is silly to fear their judgement. Even if they reject you and disconnect from you, you will have lost nothing. It is okay to let loose on this person and talk about whatever you have on your mind. You will feel a lot lighter and the person in front of you will have no reason to judge you.

Take the Initiative

Do not expect the person you are talking to to be the only person who takes the initiative when talking. Say hi yourself, ask him or her about their interests or what they do, do not be afraid to throw in a thing or two about yourself. Remember to make the conversation about them more than you, eventually they will get curious about you too and ask questions of their own. This will make for good, healthy conversation.

Try to be Funny and Interesting

Talk about your own interests and inquire about the other person’s likes and dislikes too. Try to take an interest in whatever they are saying and if you find a mutual point, talk about it as much as you can. Throw in a few jokes to show that you have a light-hearted personality and mean no harm.


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