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Top 5 Tips for Planning a End of the Year Party for Your Customers

Top 5 Tips for Planning a End of the Year Party for Your Customers

When it comes to showing appreciation for your clients, hosting a special event like an end of the year party is a great idea. In order to make sure everything goes smoothly, it pays to start planning months in advance. Here are five tips that will help you keep the planning on task.

Invitations Go Out Sooner Rather than Later

One of the first things you need to do is alert your clients that a special end of the year party will take place. The goal is to provide them with as much notice as possible so they can plan on attending. Since the event is one of the ways you will show your appreciation for their business during the previous year, you want as many clients to attend as possible. By making it possible for them to place the event on their schedules now, the odds of a higher attendance are much better.

Always Ask for Confirmations

Many of your arrangements will depend on customers indicating that they plan on coming to the party. Include a response card with the invitation or set up a special email address they can use to respond. Remember to ask that they respond by a certain date. Having an approximate head count will make the rest of the planning easier.

Book the Space for the Party Now

Even as you prepare the invitations and the response cards, find a venue that will be ideal for the party. Assume that every person on the list will be attending. That ensures you book a venue with enough space for the guest seating, a dance floor, a live band, and the food tables. Remember that seeking help from the experts at an events company will make it easier to find the right place, hire a band, and even make sure there are enough sweets and other good things to eat.

Order More Food Than You Need


When it comes to food, more is always a good thing. As with booking the venue, plan the menu based on the number of people you invite. As another way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to the community, you can plan to donate any leftovers to a local food kitchen or homeless shelter that offers meals.

Parting Gifts are in Order

During the event, it’s fine to have different Christmas party activities as part of the festivities. Pair that by including a tradition that was once very common and have small token gifts for each person as they prepare to leave the party. The gifts don’t have to be elaborate; they can be something as simple as candies in a mug bearing the logo of your company and wrapped with festive paper and bows. Remember to add a holiday card along with the gift.

With so many different holidays at the end of the year, feel free to draw on some of the elements of each one. The goal is to provide a place for your customers to relax, enjoy themselves, and be reminded of the reasons they choose to do business with you. Your gesture is sure to be appreciated and will go a long way to carry the good will of today into the year to come.


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