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Want to Become a Rideshare Driver? 3 Tips to Make the Most of It.

Want to Become a Rideshare Driver? 3 Tips to Make the Most of It.

The meteoric rise of the ridesharing industry has made a worldwide impact, but nowhere more than in New York City. No matter how you may feel about this at times controversial topic, one thing is for certain: New Yorkers need reliable options for getting from point A to point B.

With over 8.5 million people living in the city, there’s no such thing as too many transportation options. And as one of the most expensive cities to live in, New Yorkers could always use a way to make some extra money, making ridesharing even more alluring. If you’re considering driving for a rideshare service, here are some considerations to help you make the most of it:

Get a Nice Ride

Anyone can invest in a cheap compact car, but these can limit your earning potential. Instead, invest in a more luxurious vehicle that has a more spacious interior like the Chrysler Pacifica. This minivan can comfortably seat seven people and it also has a roomy cargo area. By driving a larger vehicle like a Pacifica or another seven-passenger vehicle, you can make more money per ride for a more efficient use of your time. You can also leverage the opportunities that tourism brings to the city, since a minivan allows you the room to shuttle tourists and all of their luggage between hotels and airports.

Make a Clear Schedule

While one of the main benefits of being a rideshare driver is a flexible schedule, if you really want to make the most of this financial opportunity, you should create a set schedule for yourself and stick to it.

Consider your overall availability and designate specific times throughout the week that you plan to offer your driving services. Be sure to block out some free time as well, to ensure that your schedule is sustainable. Enter the entire schedule into a digital calendar that you can easily access from your smartphone, like iCal or Google Calendar, to help you stay on track so that you can make the most of your time.

Set Goals for Yourself

Like with anything, setting concrete goals for yourself can help anchor your commitment and boost your productivity. Set a clear goal for yourself each week. An easy metric is the number of rides completed. Start small as you begin to allow yourself time to determine a realistic number. Then increase your goal incrementally each week so that within a month or two you can really see a difference in your income. Use an app like Momentum or Strides to track your overall progress. Or you could even use the Goals feature in Google Calendar. By using a digital support system like an app, you can better track your progress and reach your goals more consistently.

If one thing is for sure, there is no lack of need for rideshare services in New York City, so getting into this industry can offer you some stability if you are willing to stick with it. By investing in a reliable vehicle with plenty of seating and cargo space, scheduling your work and setting (and reaching) goals for yourself, you can develop an additional revenue stream that will provide you with more financial flexibility.



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