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What are the Different Kinds of Storages?

What are the Different Kinds of Storages?

What are the Different Kinds of Storages?

Before you can decide on a storage unit for your house or your business, you need to know what amenities you need, and before you can decide that, you need to be aware of what storage units actually offer. What is it that makes every cheap self storage Baton Rouge unit, for example different from each other?

This article will highlight the different kinds of self storages out there which are available for the public to utilize. Knowledge on this subject is important because different items need different types of securities.

Interior Storage Units

These are the types which are found in buildings and are protected by walls, and are mostly cheaper to rent. They can be further classified into two types.

  1. Climatically Controlled Units

Some places in the world have extreme temperatures and we are well aware that some kinds of furniture and electronics simply cannot be placed securely if certain environmental standards are not maintained. For these items, climatically controlled units are the best because whether it is extremely cold or scorching hot, your items will be kept in a very secure environment.

  1. Regular Units

These units are of the same size and standards as the above, but without any weather control systems. And by that it is quite easy to guess that the cost for renting a regular one is significantly lesser than the other, so if the items you need to store are those which are not impacted by climatic conditions, then this is a more budgeted option for you.

External Storage Units

These are units which are located outside in the form of warehouses and are used by businessmen for loading/unloading their cargo most of the times. There are three types of external storage units.

  1. Drive-up Units

These are your standard external units which have a rolling shutter for a door that can be opened, and you can have the back of the truck having your cargo unloaded inside with quite ease. These units have no special features so they are quite economical to deploy.

  1. Climatically Controlled Drive-ups

This is what you can define as the heaven on Earth of storage units, because it combines the incredible feature of a weather control system and gives you the convenience of a drive-up storage that you can operate at your convenience. These kinds are quite expensive to deploy.

  1. Driveway Units

These are the opposite of drive-up units. They are located on the sideways of proper external units and are used for interim purposes to keep cargo outside till an enclosed one is available for use. The convenience they provide is quite handy if you are short on time.

Parking Unitts

Very simply, these are storage units which are used to park vehicles and are of immense advantage to garage owners or professional mechanics who have a queue of customers lined up. Parking can be covered and uncovered, but the only major difference between the two types is of the impact weather might have on the vehicles.


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