What Does The American Flag Symbolize?

What Does The American Flag Symbolize?

Americans and non-Americans hold different opinions about the American flag. Even so, many admit that the American flag is gorgeous and a patriotic beauty to display even after Independence Day.

Before or after this auspicious day, your friends and especially children will ask what the flag symbolizes. In most cases, you will answer that the flag symbolizes patriotism and therefore a great display of your love for the country and also a sign of respect. However, when asked what the different elements of the American flag mean, you may be tongue-tied and embarrassed of your inability to answer the question correctly. To help you provide concise answers next time the question is posed, continue reading this article:

Blue, Red, and White colors

These are the most predominant colors of the US flag and they hold a greater meaning besides adding beauty to the flag. The color white on the flag symbolizes innocence and purity. This purity is a result of independence and therefore, America isn’t corrupted by another country.

Red symbolizes valor, strength, and bloodshed since courage made independence possible hence starting over. It took strength to fight for freedom. Bloodshed symbolizes the honor accorded to those who lost their lives fighting for America’s freedom.

Blue signifies perseverance, justice, and vigilance. Justice is the basis on which the country has been built and perseverance needed to stand strong.

These colors and the meanings they hold represent the values held closely by Americans. These can therefore be referred to as the colors of America. Therefore, the next time you are asked what the colors of the American flag mean, you will have the answers.

The stars

The stars are the other predominant features of the American flag. Besides the bright colors of the American flag, the stars have been closely associated with America. The stars represent the American states. The number of these states has changed many times in the past to the current number of 50 representing the fifty American states.

Between 1777 and 1795, there were 13 stars, and by 1818, there were 15 stars, 20 in 1819, 21 in 1820, 23 by 1822, 24 by 1836, 43 by 1891, 46 by 1912, 48 by 1959, 49 by 1960, and 50 presently. The last two states to be added include Arizona and Hawaii.

Besides states, the stars on the flag represent a ‘divine goal’ and they have been shown to symbolize the heavens and the divine goal that man has aspired to attain for a long time.

The stripes

Currently, the American flag has thirteen (13 stripes) with alternating red and white color. There are seven red and six white stripes. The 13 stripes signify the first thirteen colonies that made up the United States when she gained independence from Great Britain.

These colonies included Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts Bay, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Georgia, South Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia, New Hampshire, North Carolina, New York, Providence Plantation, and Rhode Island.

By understanding these symbols on the national flag, you now know why the flag is important and why you should be a proud American. You should also know how to fold the flag and the significance of the twelve folds.

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Chris Gilmore is a patriot and a freelance writer who writes everything to do with America. For more information on what the colors of the American flag mean or folding the flag, check out his blog.



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