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What to Consider Before Taking Your Business to Instagram or Pinterest

What to Consider Before Taking Your Business to Instagram or Pinterest

What to Consider Before Taking Your Business to Instagram or Pinterest

There is a general assumption that Instagram and Pinterest are the same while they are very different. Before building your business on social media, you need to know the intricacies between the two. People are more attracted to images than text which is what the two social media platforms offer.

Even though you enjoy going through the SERPstream website blogs, there is a chance that you would enjoy it more if it were photos. Both Pinterest and Instagram are visual-sharing networks that allow business to capitalize on images and pictures for people to see. However, they are used differently and here are some of the factors you should consider:

  1. The Major Difference

First, of, you have to understand the main difference between the two platforms. Pinterest is more about curating visual content that is already on the internet while Instagram is more about sharing your own photos.

For you to maximise your chances of brand awareness, user engagement, and market feedback you have to understand want images and messages resonate with your target audience on both platforms before capitalizing on either of them.

  1. Their Usage

With Instagram, you will be able to take photos and shoot videos from your smartphone or tablet, write a caption, apply filters, and share the image on the platform. There is also the option of sharing the image from the same platform to other social networks. Users of Instagram want to see more personal experience that they engage with, and they will give them an authentic view of your brand.

Pinterest on the other hand, allows you to focus on curation and discovery of other content by already existing businesses. It more of a search engine because it will enable consumers to use the platform to search products, content, inspiration, or tips. You can create appealing boards by grouping and pin the content you discover.

  1. Links

When it comes to Pinterest, every pin redirects to the primary source of the image which in most cases is an external site. So as a business your main goal on this platform should be to generate website traffic and use it for SEO purposes. However, with Instagram, you can only add a link to your bio and redirect the people to the bio to check out new blog content.

  1. Target Clients

Most users on Pinterest are mostly women and folks who are a little bit older. Instagram on the other hand, when compared to Pinterest, the users are more evenly represented by both women and men. It is also more popular with the younger generation. So consider the type of clients you are looking at before selecting of the platforms.

  1. Hashtags

For you to optimise your chances of being found by your target clients and audience, you have to make sure you use the key hashtags. The good thing is that both platforms encourage the use of hashtags. However, the quantity of how they are used varies. On Pinterest, if you use more than two hashtags you will clutter the beauty of the picture. Instagram, on the other hand, allows you to use up to 30 hashtags.



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