What to Expect When Booking Domestic Flights in South Africa?

What to Expect When Booking Domestic Flights in South Africa?

Have you ever dreamed about travelling to South Africa? The expansive plains, the exotic animals and bustling towns are calling out to visitors just like you to come and explore this interesting land. Although the thought of visiting South Africa might be appealing, the prospect of booking domestic flights might seem a little daunting. Don’t worry, it’s easy to get around locally and fly throughout the country. Here are a few things to expect when booking domestic in South Africa.

Flying to Cape town

Cape Town is one of the top tourist destinations in South Africa. Home to one of the most iconic mountains in the world and often described as the Mother City. Most main international destinations fly direct to cape town, including from London, Paris and Istanbul. It is an easy destination to reach and is probably where you will start on your trip when exploring South Africa. Once in Cape town, the opportunities to get around the rest of South Africa by flying are plentiful.

Cheap Domestic flights

Flying around South Africa doesn’t have to be that expensive. Budget Airlines like Mango and Kulula and FlySafair serve all major and minor airports in the country. There are several flights per day making it a great choice for tourists and visitors to get around.

Although local airlines are trying to make air travel more amenable for local people, internal flights in South Africa are still not too popular. This does mean however that even when booking last minute flights, there are good deals to be had. Flying from one destination to the next can be a relatively cheap, quick and easy way to get around the country. You won’t have to worry about lengthy and expensive road or rail travel either.

Some traditional, expressive and great friendly service

By European standards you might find the African tone and conversation quite different to what you would are used to at home. However, it adds to your amazing experience of this vibrant and diverse country. All of the well-known domestic airlines in South Africa pride themselves on their excellent service and remarkable standards provided for their guests. Expect service with a smile and a relaxed atmosphere on your internal flights. The warm friendly service and African song and embrace will make you fall in love with the people from the airline to who you mingle with at your destination.

Traveling light on short haul flights

Of course, if you leave that checked baggage behind you are saving plenty of cash on luggage charges and it makes it easier once you land to get straight on your way. No waiting at the carousel to pick up your suitcases! It’s a good idea to either bring less in the first place or leave your excess items at your base hotel perhaps. You will save your back from carrying and your cash when it comes to travelling light in South Africa.

Have you travelled by air through South Africa?

As you can see travelling through South Africa by air is easier than you might have first thought. Are you convinced to take a trip through South Africa? If you have flown on domestic flights throughout this country? what was your experience?



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