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What To Know About Traveling to El Salvador

What To Know About Traveling to El Salvador

El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, but it’s also the most densely populated. El Salvador has been moving forward in terms of industrialization and development. At the same time, there have been struggles faced by the country regarding gang activity and poverty.

There are both pros and cons to weigh if you’re thinking about a trip to El Salvador, although is true of most any destination.

The country has beautiful geography including volcanic mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, and coastline. El Salvador is bordered by Guatemala and Honduras, and the Pacific. So if you’re planning a trip here, what should you be aware of?


There are plenty of options in El Salvador when it comes to accommodations. For example, you can stay in a modern hotel chain with luxury amenities in one of the bigger cities or towns.

Another option is to book a home through a site like Airbnb. You’ll find great deals, and many of these properties are located on the beach and have features such as pools.

If you are going to be renting a property directly from someone, you can send them a payment, or you can go through a third-party booking site.

If you do go with booking an entire home, you’re probably going to be pleasantly surprised at how far your money will go.

Reasons To Visit

There are too many reasons to visit El Salvador to cover briefly, but just a few points of interest include the volcanoes and crater lakes, the Mayan pyramid at Tazumal, and Ceren which is a town buried in volcanic ash for more than 1400 years.

It’s also a big destination for surfers, and for people who like to go where there aren’t going to be a lot of other tourists.

There are beautiful beaches where you won’t see another soul in sight, which people tend to love about the country.

Santa Ana is a town near the capital of San Salvador, with coffee plantations and sugarcane fields, and the weather of La Palma, two hours north tends to be cooler.

Some of the most famous beaches for surfers are Las Flores, Playa Herradura, and La Libertad.

There’s also Montecristo National Park, which is four hours north of San Salvador.


While there are plenty of reasons to visit El Salvador, there are risks as well. The U.S. State Department warns travelers because of street crime, violent crimes, and gang activity.

The State Department tells travelers who do decide to visit the country that they are cautious and don’t show signs of wealth.

Most of the other guidelines for traveling to El Salvador are similar to traveling to the majority of other places in the world and even big cities in the U.S.

As is the case with most Latin American countries, gang activity has been on the rise. For the most part with gang activity, tourists aren’t a target. However, there’s no guarantee.

The riskiest places tend to be in downtown San Salvador, and people should be cautious if they’re traveling alone or traveling in areas outside of major towns at night.

Ultimately, as with most destinations, you may face risks if you travel to El Salvador, but you can also find some beautiful and exciting things about the country as well, especially if you’re adventurous.



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