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Why Client Appreciation Events Matter

Why Client Appreciation Events Matter

It doesn’t really matter how large or small your corporation is – your clients deserve to be appreciated! No matter how busy your schedule, or how tight your budget, most customer care experts agree that finding ways to show your clients how much they mean is the key to business success.

Why Customer Appreciation Matters

Businesses often work hard to give every customer a good experience. So why should they go out of their way to plan (and pay for) an event to show them you care?  Because clients need to feel valued! Client events are designed to make clients feel valued and appreciated. Plus, these types of events offer a casual way to build relationships and develop trust with your staff.

Here are just some of the real-world benefits client appreciation events offer:

A friendly way to get to know one another: staff may speak with clients on the phone a lot, but have they ever met face to face? Personal interactions are good at helping businesses and clients get to know one another. Without that face to face connection, it can be difficult to build the kind of trustworthy personal connection that keeps clients coming back.

A casual sales environment to launch new products and services: client events are not designed simply to show appreciation for client patronage; they can also be used to launch new products, make announcements, or simply showcase a new line of products or services.

Good networking opportunity: appreciation events don’t have to solely be geared toward current clients. They are also a good way to entice prospective clients. Business owners should invite those that they think might benefit from what they offer so they can meet with staff and see how the company works. Creating a networking opportunity for complimentary business owners too, is a great way to expand business and establish notoriety in the industry as a real leader. An good example of this is in the real estate business. Sure, a lot of brokerages focus on first-time buyers, but a lot of those first-time buyers will turn into first-time sellers eventually. Why not show you’ve appreciated their business, and that your business would be a great resource for helping them sell in the future if they decide to move?

Help support relationships and showcase client value: showing former, current and prospective clients how much businesses value their patronage is a great way to build connections and strengthen relationships. Plus, it shows customers how much businesses really do value them. It is even important to keep client appreciation events in the marketing calendar even in times of economic decline.

What Type of Events Should You Consider?

When it comes to planning a client event to show your customers appreciation, the style and activity really depends on the tone you want to set. More formal events are great options for new product launches or high end entertainment, while family friendly events are good when you simply want everyone to kick back and have a good time without the tress and hassle of worrying about business. Here are some potential options:

Upscale Entertainment 

For a more sophisticated feel, business owners could consider hosting your event at sought-after events like headliner concerts or festivals. For bigger projects, it could be to a business owner’s benefit to contact an events production firm who specializes in high-end events.

Formal Dinners

These are a good way to showcase a new product launch or recognize certain clients. Formal dinners offer the chance to wine and dine your clients, showing them how much they are valued.

Family Fun Events 

Business staff and their clients work hard, so why not show them you care by hosting a fun filled family outing like a BBQ; carnival; circus; etc. This type of casual setting allows everyone to mingle and enjoy themselves without any real thought to business (or sales).

Sporting Events

Who doesn’t love a good sports event? Whether you make it a more professional outing with a select group in your corporate box, or a large scale family event is up to you. The key here is to give your clients the opportunity to interact with your staff in a more casual way.

Whichever you choose remember the most important thing to ensure the event’s success: have fun! The key to a successful outing is allowing yourself to relax and enjoy the party. This will give your clients the chance to see you as a real person and not just another salesman.


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