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Why Electric Razor: 6 Fascinating Reasons To Know About It

Why Electric Razor: 6 Fascinating Reasons To Know About It

Gone are the times of enduring irritation and burns and taking a long time to finish a small task like shaving. Here’s introducing the electric shavers whose main attractive feature is its least time consumption of finishing a harrowing task like shaving. Although they are not a perfect fit for everyone but you need to go through the trial and error phase to know the brand and style of the electric razor that works right for you. Even though there are some minor inconveniences in using an electric shaver there is no denying the fact that there are more advantages related to using it. As we said that one has to try and decide which electric razor is best for him, nonetheless, choosing a men’s electric shaver is not all that a daunting task and hence here are a few benefits of the appliance which will surely compel you to buy one:

Practicality and speed of accomplishing the job in hand:

The first and the most important advantage of an electric shaver is the convenience of getting the job done with the least time in your hands. The traditional method involved a long process with too many tools like a bowl full of hot water and a brush for lathering on the cream. The process further progresses to the actual time consuming task of shaving after which the razor has to be washed of and lathering the area with a fresh stroke of your brush. Some men need a third round of lathering and shaving also after which follows the washing and drying of the tools involved.

With an electric shaver you do not have to through this tedious process where you just turn the razor on, use it and use the cleaning station provided to have it ready for the next time you need the razor. Even without a cleaning station cleaning an electric shaver is not a messy job like the traditional ones. Also with the advent of cordless shavers they are easy to carry along with you anywhere and everywhere.


No nicks, no cuts, no irritation and no razor burns. I think trading your traditional razor in lieu for all these high comfort advantages from an electric shaver is worth it.

Close enough shave is worth it:

Yes, it is a given fact that the traditional means of shaving gives a closer shave as compared to the electric shavers. The making of an electrical shaver must be taken into account for the closeness of the shaves as the cutting elements are covered with thin metal foil which is a form of protective barrier for the skin. But also this metal foil is the reason that you do not get a close shave as a traditional razor. There have been breakthroughs in technologies to acquire that close shave you need which include special elements which can lift the hair and manage to cut it below the level of the skin.

Savings and cost effective:

It is true that when you initially purchase an electric shaver you have to a make an investment that can be higher than what you would generally make for a traditional shaving kit. But if you calculate the traditional shavers need the multi-blade cartridges cost a fortune and do not last for more than a few shaves. But if the electric shaver is cared for and maintained properly it can last for many years needing only a few changes like its parts once in 12-18 months. The cleaning cartridge is expensive but even if you don’t buy it, it is absolutely easy to clean an electric razor and hence the cleaning cartridge is not a vital part of the electric shaver. Hence it can be safely said that in the long run the electric shaver is much cost effective.

Easy to use:

The traditional means of shaving needs you to learn the technique of using the razor and involves some getting used to by knowing how to lather and grip and angel the razor for the best and fastest shave etc. But when you use an electric shaver, shaving becomes an easy job which can be performed anywhere.

Wet shave is still possible:

While the idea of using an electric shaver is to get rid of all the lathering and gel using process, but when you use a good shaving cream it can cause to improve the closeness of the shave as well up its comfort level.


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