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Why Is a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Essential?

Why Is a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Essential?

If you wish to enjoy several benefits and avoid any unpleasant surprises, the best thing to do is to opt for a pre-purchase property inspection. It may seem a pretty exhausting aspect of purchasing a house for yourself but you must rely on these inspections for a successful home buying deal. It is, however, quite surprising to find out that numerous people do not even consider such pre-purchase building or property inspections simply because they wish to save just a few hundred dollars. Here are a few reasons why it is important to get a building properly inspected before you buy it.

Identifying Structural Issues

It is important to buy a house that is structurally sound and robust as it is important for both cost and safety issues. You must understand that structural issues may lead to a building collapse which could injure people. Moreover, sometimes such structural issues may prove to be irreparable and may necessitate major construction work.

The building inspector must examine if the building is conforming to the standards and regulations of the Building Codes and Standards of Australia. If you have chosen a commercial building or home which does not follow the prescribed standards, you would be required to pay the expenses involved in regularizing the issues. Get pre-purchase building inspections done to stay away from major emotional and financial concerns.

Ensuring Government Compliance

The building must not flout any government safety policies and regulations. While getting a pre-purchase inspection done, you would find that the inspector would be looking for certain residual current devices and thoroughly assessing the smoke detectors. All these are safety measures and checks so that your brand new acquisition complies with all existing government regulations.

Enjoy Getting an Unbiased Opinion

Your family and close friends are always there for you and give you their individual opinions but they are not the experts in the pre-building examination. It is always a good idea to get the full inspection done by qualified and well-trained professionals.

Building inspectors certainly do not have any sort of ulterior motives. They would be strictly examining the merits and demerits of any building depending on its present condition. You would be getting a genuine and a totally unbiased opinion.

Come Up with a Repair Budget

Most people are required to do some repair jobs after purchasing a home. It becomes really convenient if you already have a clear idea about the expenses coming up. After a thorough inspection, you would be told about the things that need to be replaced or repaired and how much you would require spending. You would get comprehensive information after a proper pre-purchase scrutiny of your building. Once the inspection is completed your inspector would be furnishing a detailed report and you would know the nature and extent of repair work needed to make the house livable. This would make things easier for you while you are chalking out a repair budget.


The greatest advantage of getting a pre-purchase property or building inspection done is that you would be able to discover the defects of the house and so you could negotiate with the seller and ask for a lower price. Moreover, you may ask the seller to get the necessary repair job done. An inspection report could be truly beneficial to you as a property buyer.

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