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Why New Zealand is the Travel Destination of 2018

Why New Zealand is the Travel Destination of 2018

Whether you are a travel enthusiast or simply looking for a unique destination for a special event, there is one location that is posed to become the travel destination of 2018: New Zealand. In fact, according to New Zealand Tourism, over 80 million people are currently thinking about planning a New Zealand road trip for the holiday, In the United States alone, there is nearly 15.5 million citizens considering a vacation to New Zealand! So, you might be wondering, what’s all the hype about? In this article, we are going to explore exactly why New Zealand is the travel destination of 2018.

Adventure in Auckland

Much of the hype that surrounds New Zealand can be attributed to the amount of adventure that awaits tourists. The truth is, you can participate in almost any outdoor activity that you can possibly imagine. From skiing, surfing, kayaking, caving, to even horseback riding, it’s incredible what you can experience. The best part is, if you plan a proper New Zealand road trip, you can do all the outdoor adventures in merely one day. Try the Auckland Sky Tower Sky Jump or the Auckland Harbor Bridge Bungy Jump for the most thrilling adventure.

The Culture of The Maori

Another backbone of the New Zealand tourism trend is their rich and diverse history. The origin of this country dates back to its discovery in 1769 when the Maori once were the only living inhabitants. However, today, New Zealand has expanded and offers tourists a rich mixture of different cultures.

Depending on how you book your New Zealand road trip, you can experience the traditions of the Maori across the entire country. If you are looking for a truly cultural experience, head to Auckland and check out some of the delicious restaurants and rich local culture. For example, if you want to sample acclaimed French food, head to The French Café. If you are seeking unique New Zealand Cuisine, try One Tree Grill!

From Flat Fields to Active Volcanoes

There is truly no other place in the word like New Zealand. The country is divided into two main islands; however, the country itself is said to have well over 600 different smaller islands. Each location or island is full of spectacular sights of nature. From fjords, volcanoes, mountains, glaciers, and flat fields and plains, New Zealand encompasses the very best of natures. So, when planning your New Zealand road trip, be sure to include Poor Knights Islands, Emerald Lakes, or Lake Pukaki. These three locations are breathtaking.

Plan Your New Zealand Road Trip

There is a reason why this country is a common bucket list destination for over 15 million Americans – and it’s not just because the famed movie, The Lord of the Rings, was filmed there. New Zealand has risen to the top of the tourism market and is considered a unique destination, offering some of life’s best moments. If you are wondering where to plan your next vacation, consider planning a New Zealand road trip to witness all of what life has to offer.


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