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You Need to Travel to India for a Lifetime of Memories

You Need to Travel to India for a Lifetime of Memories

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal! If you need an excuse to travel to India, there you have it! This by the way is just one reason to visit India. There are a million and one reasons to travel to this intriguing location.

Anyone who has been to India will tell you that it is a fascinating land with fascinating people and a uniqueculture. Where else will you find in-laws living together in one house? What other unique features make India the perfect place to visit? Check the following list out!

  1. The Food

India has an array of delicacies that are hard to find anywhere else in the world. The array of colour on display would send anyone’s mandibles quaking in anticipation. You must have heard words like tandoori and tikka, naan and malaikofta thrown into food discussions. You might have wondered what those are. Food. That’s what.

  1. The Taj Mahal

Those who have beheld this building claim that it is the most beautiful piece of architecture in the world. It may be the most famous building as well. What will draw you to it is not even the beauty as magnificent as it is. It is the stories that the stones have to tell.

  1. Live in a Palace!

You can have a taste of royalty in one of the former palaces which are now high-class hotels. You are spoilt for choice as there are quite a number of them to choose from.

  1. The Wildlife

How would like meet Bagheera and the rest of Mowgli’s friends? They are living large in India’s national parks and you can book a visit. The Tigers and elephants and a bevvy of other wonderful wildlife can also be found in the parks. You can look up Pench, Ranthambore and Bandhavgarh amongst other parks.

  1. See India by Rail

Travel the length of India by rail. The thrills, adrenalin pumping and wide-eyed wonder you experience will live with you for the rest of your life. Railways like the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway are a delight as they take you through Darjeeling for wondrous sights that are different from anything you have ever known.

  1. Ever seen a maze of rivers?

It’s about time you saw Kerala’s backwaters. They are a maze of rivers, lakes and canals that go up to 50 miles. The best way to experience them is by means of a rice barge.

  1. The Himalayas

Time to see if all that textbook knowledge you have of the Himalayas can stand up to the real thing. You can have your guide arrange for a hike up the Indian part of this famous mountain.

  1. Delhi

Most likely right after the TajMahal, the next word that comes out of people’s mouths with regard to India is Delhi. If you ask what is so special about this vast metropolis, you will probably be told that you need to hold your breath when you get there. It is a densely populated city always teeming with humanity. That notwithstanding, you will find beautiful parks that are home to yoga classes, as well as Hindu temples and busy markets. Visit a movie theatre while there and enjoy the thrills that only Bollywood can serve up.


India offers you intrigue upon intrigue from when you jet in to your reluctant departure and you can find out more about the country and what it has to offer by checking out sites like travel to India with plus looking up books and articles written about India.




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