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​Minimalist Parenting: 4 Tips to Improve your Family Dynamic

​Minimalist Parenting: 4 Tips to Improve your Family Dynamic

Parenting is very different in the modern day than it was when most of us were growing up. There are a million and one parenting books, apps, more parenting gear, technology and much more.

While some of these can help and have some merit, many of them can only lead to parents that are extremely stressed out and confused, with children who are over-parented and seem to have less time to do what they actually want to do.

However, the minimalistic style of parenting is all about “less is more”. Here are a few tips to help you be a minimalist parent, and improve your family dynamic at the same time.  

Trust Your Decisions and Don’t Overanalyze Them

As a parent, it is incredibly important that you trust your decisions and stick by them. While it is important to try make the right decision, you aren’t perfect, so don’t try to be. With so many parenting experts, books and apps out there, it can be tough not to be indecisive about your choices from how you discipline, what you let your children do and how you respond to their actions.

Also, don’t dwell on the decisions you have made in the past, as that never helps anybody. Not every choice you make will be the right one, but that is no reason to beat yourself up. Learn from your mistakes, and use that knowledge to become a better parent going forward.

Don’t Overschedule Your Children

When your child is growing up, you want them to get involved and learn/do a variety of things. However, signing your child up for too many things and pushing them in a certain direction can lead to them becoming an overscheduled child.

An overscheduled child can often be a tired and overwhelmed child too. Sure, your child might like a number of things such as piano, sports, dance and gymnastics, but that doesn’t mean that they need to participate in all of them at the same time. Give your child some freedom to be a kid.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Let’s face it, we live in a very materialistic era. Everyone has more “things” than they will ever need, and this goes for children as well. And how do they get all of these things? From their parents. We all want our children to have “more”, but there can be negatives to this, too.

Presents and gifts cannot replace love. You can’t be consumed by work, never give your children any attention and then think that giving them a gift is a suitable substitute and will make them love you. Your children need you and your love more than they need “things”, so never forget that.

Pick Your Battles

As a parent, there is a good chance you have made a big deal out of something your child did, when in the grand scheme of things, it was nothing. Whether it is forgetting to put the toilet seat down or using their Samsung Galaxy S8 at the dinner table.

Instead of doing that, you need to pick and choose where you direct your energy. We need to get better at letting small things go and know when to stand our ground on a subject and when it’s simply not worth it. Also, be weary that you are not forcing your children to do certain things, just because you want them to.


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