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The Coworking Phenomenon – The New Way of Working in the Century

The Coworking Phenomenon – The New Way of Working in the Century

The Coworking Phenomenon has become a buzz word in the business world. The scenario in the business arena is changing with the traditionalists and the modernists saying adieu to the old norms and welcoming work-from-anywhere style. Coworking has become the trend of the day with more and more people considering the flexible model to create synergies. Some of the coworking spaces have been the first home to now infamous startups. For example, Instagram, Etsy, and Twilio, all worked from SOMAcentral, a coworking space in San Francisco, at some point.

This is the age of the freelancers and workers managing tasks remotely. In turn the new and innovative way of working has pushed startups to come up with creative solutions for keeping a paycheck. However, we must not forget that not everything can be done from the comfort of your living room. That is where the coworking space comes. In make it simple, coworking spaces provides a good place to work together with people that share same goals and preferences. With the help of these spaces you can enjoy added networking and collaboration as well as a flexible work style. 

Coworking spaces are suitable for all

Well, interestingly, almost anyone on earth can benefits from a coworking space. These work environments can be a great option for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startup owners
  • Traveling business owners
  • Business professional in need of in-person or online client meetings
  • Freelancer/independent workers

Coworking History

It was back in 1999 that Bernie DeKoven came up with the term “coworking”. The idea was to describe the collaborative work environment. By that time the “traditional” work environment was already becoming a thing of the past. The reason was that workers had started showing dissatisfaction with their isolated work space.

In 2006, the first formal coworking space was started by Brad Neuberg in San Francisco and that is how it all started. 

In 2011, corporations started experimenting coworking spaces by themselves in order to give a boost to the productivity of workers and motivate them.

Many choices 

Considering there are tons of spaces to opt from, coworking spaces have started offering more amenities to attract users. There are many options to choose from such as open floor plan, lounge area, flexible seating, and more. Interestingly, these spaces are emerging not just as places to work, but also places to have fun, learn and grow as well. Many places are holding a variety of activities such as trainings, yoga lessons and more.  

Some coworking spaces also added coffee shop or nook while others have gone for a café of a tap room. Spas, shopping area, and dry cleaning are other considerations. There are coworking spaces that have got into business incubators. 

Lots of opportunities 

A common thing about these coworking spaces is the social aspect. Basically, when you join a coworking space, you are actually becoming a part of a community of talented and skilled individuals having a common vision and goal. That means you can enjoy lots of opportunities to network and join hands with others. 

The Future of Coworking

Coworking spaces are becoming the top choice of people today. From freelancers to engineers, the coworking spaces offer excellent work environments to people with different talents and aspirations. We can see more and more small business owners and entrepreneurs taking this route. 

According to experts, coworking spaces are indeed the future of work in all industries. We can see businesses creating open-plan coworking spaces. The idea is to engage employees and create an environment of creativity and innovation. Google, Twitter, Apple and some other giants have already adopted these new work environments that offer work-leisure opportunities for workers. That way they help people to grow and perform in the best possible way.

Studies show that more and more companies are considering the new mode of working that is coworking spaces. Therefore we can surely say that this new trend is here to stay. For individuals it offers a healthy prospects since the traditional business models are no more motivating. We can see people breaking free from the confined office jobs and are fed up of working under bosses. Particularly, those who are fired with ambitious and have lofty goals are striking to write their own fate with coworking spaces.

Work-life balance

Another great thing about coworking spaces is that they offer work-life balance for people. They provide a chance to have a better control over their life and work. That is why coworking environments are becoming the norm today. If you still have not thought about the idea, it is time that you do. The future of coworking spaces is promising needs!


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