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10 Benefits of On-Call After Hours Doctors

10 Benefits of On-Call After Hours Doctors

10 Benefits of On-Call After Hours Doctors

Although many think that it is out of their income bracket, home doctors in Brisbane still present a lot of benefits for people who use them. After normal office hours have ended, on-call doctors can provide discreet, direct medical care in the comfort of your home for a variety of needs and medical conditions. While many patients who rely on these doctors regularly are older, the service isn’t just for the elderly. Here are plenty of perks to choosing an on-call provider versus going to urgent care or the emergency department. 

1. Convenience 

If there is an obvious medical emergency, you should always contact emergency services or go straight to hospital. However, if you have an ailment that doesn’t require urgent attention but is bothersome enough for you to seek help, an in-home doctor offers the perfect solution. Convenience means:

-No physical trip to the doctor, urgent care clinic, or emergency department.

-No waiting rooms or rushed appointments. 

-No conflicts of scheduling with work since appointments are after hours.

-Having access to a qualified medical doctor 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

2. Lower Re-Admission Rates

Although studies are still ongoing, early research shows that people who utilize home doctors for after hours or on-call visits will be less likely to need readmitted to a hospital setting. So long as the condition and symptoms are manageable, such as in the case of a lifetime illness or disease, having a doctor available after hours could save you from having to go back to the hospital after being released. 

3. Shorter Long-Term Care Stays

In the same regard, an on-call home doctor can be a solution to reduce the amount of time spent in long-term care facilities and rehabilitation centers. Patients who can connect with an on-call doctor that will provide the medical care that they need right in their own home will be able to discuss earlier release times with their care staff at the hospital or facility. 

4. Doctor-Patient Relationship

One of the biggest disadvantages of emergency care is the lack of an established doctor-patient relationship. Unfortunately, after hours care is limited to emergency departments and urgent care clinics. Therefore, people who absolutely need medical attention have few choices, unless they connect with home doctors who can provide the care that they need. In medicine, a trusted personal relationship with your doctor can mean a lot more to your health than you realize. 

5. Unique Perspective

When a doctor makes a house call, they are getting a chance to see a patient in their natural environment. This might cause them to notice things the patient wouldn’t necessarily think to tell them, but that may be relevant to their health situation. Being inside your home gives doctors a chance to better assess environmental factors and other elements that may be affecting your state of health because they are there. They can do things like ask to see your medications to assist in your care, check out potential health hazards in the home, and even make sure your current sleeping arrangement isn’t why your back keeps going out. 

6. Lower Bills

While on-call after hours doctors aren’t the cheapest solution, they are definitely much more affordable than emergency departments or urgent clinics. Most doctors also accept insurance, which may or may not cover the emergency care that you seek in the middle of the night, depending on how much of an “emergency” it really was. While most people in Brisbane are covered under the Medicare system, plenty have private insurance cover, so this will make a difference. 

7. No Exposure to Other Sick Patients

One of the biggest problems people have with going to the doctor or a hospital is the sheer number of other sick patients and the potential disease exposure. Not everyone who visits a waiting room with other sick people will develop similar germs or illnesses, but the risk is there. For those who have suppressed or weakened immune systems, this kind of exposure can actually be dangerous, and even fatal. 

8. Dedicated Attention

Much like discussed above regarding the doctor-patient relationship, having a house call allows you to have a completely dedicated physician at your disposal. Instead of being one of dozens of charts they have to check on, you are their only concern. You won’t spend hours waiting for the doctor to make their way to your room, or worry that you aren’t getting enough facetime to get an accurate diagnosis. 

9. Lower Anxiety

Doctors make people anxious, and some more than others. There are people who even avoid the doctor completely, unless absolutely necessary, because of the anxiety of waiting, being around other sick people, or uncomfortable memories of a bad experience. Letting patients receive medical care in their home reduces that anxiety and often helps more people get the medical care that they need sooner than later rather than putting it off. 

10. Less Risk of Developing Serious Conditions

People with anxiety about the doctor aren’t the only ones who put off going. The time, effort, and other aspects involved in scheduling and going to a doctor’s appointment can be daunting. Life is busy and people tend to put off minor issues because actually making the trip is inconvenient. Unfortunately, putting off minor issues can lead to serious major issues in some cases. With after hours home doctors, people can get medical attention on their schedule that won’t cost a small fortune. 

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to be had with after hours on-call doctors in Brisbane. With Medicare and private insurance coverage available for many in-home appointments, everyone can benefit from this personalized, convenient option. 


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