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10 Best Music Education Apps For 2019

10 Best Music Education Apps For 2019

It’s without a doubt that music education is fundamental in the progress of human culture. Just like other subjects such as math, science, and literature, music education helps the student’s confidence, patience, and the pay-off of hard work. 

There are countless music education solutionsavailable to the public, but we’re going to focus on the top 10 best ones for 2019.  

1: Tonara is a leading music education app that has it all for teachers and students. The platform is the most advanced one-stop-shop solution enabling private & K12 music teachers to manage their studios and at the same time motivate their students to practice more in-between lessons. Tonara is committed to creating a true quality music education experience between teachers and students (in-person or remote). 

Teachers using Tonara enjoy extensive studio management abilities including managing students, a calendar enabling them to see all lessons set, ability to send different types of assignments with tailored guidance from the teacher, Compare Recording (an AI patent), real-time tracking of their students’ practice, payments, invoicing and more.

Students play while Tonara listens and gives real-time feedback on their playing using their patent AI technology. Moreover, students enjoy the gamification part of practicing with highly engaging features such as fun stickers, climbing the leaderboard as they earn more points from practicing, and even receiving extra support from their teachers via the Tonara messaging module so they always feel like they’re being guided throughout their practice. 

To learn more about Tonara, check out their site and app! 

2: Music Teacher’s Helper is a great web business management tool for music teachers. This web solution allows teachers to manage their studio, schedule lessons, support payment & invoicing, tax reports, and send reminders of lessons. As the platform works on multiple devices teachers will always have their information in sync between those devices. The platform focuses mainly on the teachers’ side simplifying the administrative side of the business so they can focus on teaching and let the program take care of the business side of things.  

3: Practice Presto is a music education appthat addresses communication issues between teachers and students and allows teachers to always stay on track with what their students are doing in-between lessons. Teachers can create various assignment templates to make individual guidelines for each student. Teachers can also receive recordings from their students to hear how their practices are going. On top of that, there are weekly updates that teachers and students have access to. 

5: My Master is a music education appfor remote teachers and students looking to connect with one another but distance might pose a problem. Teachers are able to track their student’s progress, record feedback on practice sessions, and watch their students sessions of phones and tablets as the app is compatible with multiple devices. 

6: Symphony Pro is a music app that lets musicians annotate pieces with ease and write their own pieces. The app’s technology makes it easy to turn handwritten notes into fundamental note objects that anyone would be able to read and play. Users who are looking for the annotation app should check out this app!

7: Sprout Beat is the go-to app for teachers and students to collaborate on music worksheets. The app has an extensive library of special worksheets that mainly focus on music theory. Kids get to enjoy the fun and colorful worksheets that make their practice a bit more entertaining yet still educational. Teachers get to take a deep breath of relief knowing that they’re students look forward to getting assignments as they can write annotations right in the app. In addition, it’s easy for teachers to send assignments, for students to turn them in, and teachers to grade those assignments. 

8: Class Dojo is the app that connects teachers with students and parents to help build stronger classroom communities. Users can create a positive culture, give students a voice, and share moments with parents. With features like digital portfolios and an activity dashboard, it makes for a useful platform for educators. 

9: Edmodo is the world’s largest learning community for teachers, parents, and students. The app enables teachers to share content, distribute quizzes, assignments and manage communication with students, colleagues, & parents. The platform bringstheir classrooms online using tools they may otherwise not have access to. The app consists of lesson plans, a safe space for students to communicate with one another, and several other tools teachers might need. 

10: Sight Reading HD, by Super Kiddo Studio, is a music education app that focuses on sight reading. The app provides a clean, simple, and effective way for beginner piano players to learn how to read their sheet music. As students practice the app further increases the level of difficulty. In addition, it’s also possible to adjust the key signatures, identifying notes, understanding accidentals, and the octaves of the keyboard range.

There’s an unlimited amount of music education apps out there that focus on different fields of music education, and each app is unique in its own way. For some users having multiple apps that do individual tasks is the go-to route whereas for other users having an all-in-one app is the perfect solution. We’ve given you our best 10 music education apps for 2019 and now it’s up to you to make the decision of which one you want to use! 

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