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10 Best Outdoors Games to Play with the Whole Family

10 Best Outdoors Games to Play with the Whole Family

You do not know what to do in summer? Come on, it cannot be true! If you are overtaken by sudden apathy, this article will tell you about outdoor activities for kids. In addition to being fun, these exercises will inform on how to raise a self-sufficient child.

  1. Street Twister

Sound cool, right? You determine the size of a playing field and the size of colored circles depending on the age of kids. To make it more convenient for children, so they have more outdoor fun, you can make smaller circles. Preparing it all is simple: on asphalt, it is easiest to draw using colored chalk (so as not to get your hands dirty) – just outline the contours of circles, and do not cover them with paint completely.

  1. Backyard kerplunk game

This clear step-by-step guide will help prepare everything you need for this. The rules are simple as with most fun outside games: players take turns pulling out sticks, trying to do it so that all the balls are left in place. Winner is the one who eventually gets fewer balls fallen. Inventory you can find at home or in the building store.

  1. Leaning Tower

Like with other fun outdoor activities, here everything is also clear: in turn, you need to remove wooden bars. A person who collapses the tower loses. To be able to play this game, all you need is some wooden bars, and that’s it. Their approximate length should be 25 cm with total number of pieces being 48.

  1. Canvas Bouncers

The game requires a firm hand and remarkable accuracy, and for the game preparation, you only need a piece of canvas and colored scotch tape. In canvas, you want to cut out openings of different shapes and sizes (the smaller, the more interesting), their edges pasted with colored tape and each hole is assigned its point. Winner is the one who will score the maximum points for 10 shots.

  1. Inclined race

For this game, you need noodles – sticks for swimming and water aerobics. They are sold in sporting goods stores. Buy a stick and carefully cut it along. It is not necessary to completely separate halves from each other – just double check they can be opened like a book. Then, even more gently cut out longitudinal grooves on each half. Mark with flags the start and finish lines – the track is ready! You can roll there toy cars of the appropriate size or just glass balls.

  1. Scavenger hunt

Unfortunately, today children spend little time in the open air without thinking of what outdoor games to play, but this game will fix the situation. You need to compose a list of treasures that players will need to collect. Cones, different kinds of flowers, leaves, twigs of unusual shape, something round, triangular or square, objects of red, green or yellow. Then, you print these lists and paste them on paper bags giving paper bags to pathfinders. The winner is the one who first collects all the items from the list.

  1. Neat Throw

Neat Throw is among the most fun outdoor games. Using a drill and screws, attach a couple of buckets of different sizes to a longboard, and put it vertically (you can just lean it against a wall). For scoring the ball in each of buckets, a certain number of points is given. The smaller the bucket is, the more points you will get.

There is also an improved version of the game. You need to throw balls into tin cans, which are fixed with a chain on a branch. Rules are same: for scoring into each tin, a certain number of points is given. The person to score the most points wins. Since tins swing, scoring is not so easy.

If you are willing to make things more difficult, you can use a stepladder that would replace buckets. The rest of the conditions are the same: each step is assigned a certain point, and you need to collect as many points as possible. A ball here is not the best solution, so sew a small bag and fill it with beans, rice or buckwheat. To save time, even an old sock will do.

  1. Obstacle course

That is where you can give your imagination run wild! To create a full-fledged obstacle course, you can use everything that you can find around: old tires, ladders, ropes, buckets … Children will be entertained, and you will rest while waiting for them at the finish line with a stopwatch.

  1. Olympics

And again, noodles. The main advantage of these pieces is that you can do anything with them. You can bend them or make a circle out of them. For the construction of improvised sports facilities, it is the best inventory you can use just like this coursework writing service is the best one in the business.

  1. Ice wealth

In the heat, this game will make children feel delighted. Freeze water in a large container with toys and all sorts of trivia. You need to do this layer by layer so that the treasure does not sink to the bottom. Give your children a hammer and a screwdriver – for next half an hour they will have something to do.

Crystal Roman bio: Crystal is an international blogger and journalist writing pedagogy-related articles for various magazines and newspapers. In addition, she works as a top-rated writer at EduBirdie helping students with writing academic works.

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