10 Careers That Involve Working with Art

10 Careers That Involve Working with Art

Top 10 professions you can explore if you have a passion for art

It’s not always about being enthusiastic about art and design. This article explains the 10 careers available in art and design and how to go about them

There are various careers you can explore in the arts and design industry. However, most jobs in this field do not need formal education. However, taking professional classes and getting certifications will help you improve your skills and employability. It will also help if you have good artistic ability and business orientation and are ready for the task.

Suppose you’re vast with the theoretical aspect of art, not the practical part, where you will be crafting and designing many things. In that case, you can still pursue a career in this industry. You may consider art teacher job opportunities available in your area and help interested people to build their knowledge.

In this regard, we have teamed up with experts for job aggregator Jooble to discuss the best careers that involve working in art. Let’s get started.

  1. Graphic Designer

Average annual salary: $49,530

Graphic designers are responsible for creating designs for different purposes, from printed designs on shirts to musical artwork, website designs, and event designs. This career requires a high level of creativity and an excellent knowledge of technology. You’ll need creativity to think of the best methods and colors for a particular purpose and make unique designs. Also, you’ll need technology to surf the internet for the best pictures, fonts, and other things you need for your designs.

As a graphic designer, you must be proficient in software such as Corel Draw, Illustrator, Photoshop, and others. If you have a flair for creating beautiful designs, you should consider being a graphic designer.

  1. Interior Designer

Average annual salary: $49,810

The work of an interior designer includes:

  • Sketching a beautiful interior design.
  • Explaining every design detail to the respective clients.

This job requires you to put your client’s interest ahead of anything else while creating an interior design to thrive. However, you must be able to influence your client’s decisions if they are wrong and make them see things from an experienced perspective.

Interior designers must have a vast knowledge of physical consideration, environmental sustainability, and technological issue. You must know the kind of designs best suited for different environments and be able to fix specialized appliances required in a home. While some interior designers may work for a corporation or design firm, others are independent. While chasing a career in interior design, you must be able to choose whether you want to work as an independent designer or a salaried worker in a design firm.

  1. Tattoo Artist

Average annual salary: $63,540

If you enjoy creating artworks that reflect emotions or aesthetics and like putting them on other people’s bodies, you should consider being a tattoo artist. Although some people come with unique designs, others may require you to use your intuition to create one for them.

Like other art jobs, a tattoo artist has no educational requirements. However, passing through an apprenticeship under a professional is advisable to get experience. It is also worth noting that you must undergo specific licensing procedures to practice this profession. 

  1. Event Planner

Average annual salary: $49,290

Although event planning might not seem like an actual career in art, the profession also requires a specific artistic ability to carry out duties such as food display, decorations, and entertainment. You don’t need a formal education to pursue a career in this profession. Meanwhile, top organizations and influential people in society usually want their events planned by a certified professional. So getting a degree there will be an additional advantage on your side. 

  1. Craft Artist

Average annual salary: $49,160

A craft artist, also known as a fine artist, is a self-employed career in art and design. Their job includes crafting and selling handmade pieces of art such as furniture, pottery, and paintings in studios and galleries. This profession does not require formal education; all you need is your talent and creativity to excel.

  1. Photography

Average annual salary: $32,490

Photography is a very lucrative skill in today’s world. However, to excel in this industry, you must be creative and ready to adapt to different situations. You don’t need a college degree to become a photographer. However, you can take up professional courses on photography’s technical aspects, which most colleges offer worldwide. You may decide to work as an independent photographer for individuals seeking personal pictures or media outlets.

  1. Artistic Animator

Average annual salary: $70,530

Artistic animators do not only create art designs but also bring them to the big screen. Their work includes creating visual effects for movies, video games, and television. Artistic animation requires a higher level of technical skills than other arts. Also, you must have a degree in courses related to computer graphics and an astounding technical portfolio to be able to get a job in this field.

Most animators are self-employed, and some are employed by tech organizations. Moreover, you must possess top-notch customer relations and communication skills as you’ll need to pitch your ideas to prospective investors on many occasions.

  1. Fashion Designer

Average annual salary: $67,420 

Fashion designers create clothing designs that suit customers’ tastes using their artistic ability and creativity. A fashion designer needs to be up-to-date on the latest trends because the industry is evolving, and trends of three years ago are already archaic today. Also, they must have eyes for beautiful and quality fabrics; no customer will accept a lousy material even though the style is perfect.

Although there are no educational requirements to become a fashion designer, a degree in fashion design or mechanizing will give you an edge over others with no certifications. Similarly, good communication and customer service skills combined with your artistic ability and creativity will help build a solid customer base. 

  1. Floral Designer

Average annual salary: $26,350

A floral designer uses their knowledge of flowers and creativity to meet client’s requests. They’re usually required to create floral designs for a client’s event- weddings, birthday parties, and housewarmings. To thrive in this field, you must have good communication skills, artistic ability, and a detail-oriented mindset.

However, no formal education is required to be a floral designer. You can always take professional courses on floristry or horticulture and get certifications to stay on top of the game and put yourself ahead of the competition. This will improve your skills and increase your employability.

  1. Architect Building Designer

Average annual salary: $78,470

An architect building designer is someone who uses their artistic talent in combination with their technical skills to develop a building design. Working as an architect requires having a degree in architecture, unlike other art jobs where sheer talent would suffice. While some architects work for an architectural firm, others work as independent architects. However, while applying for jobs, your degree certificate will be required. Even if you desire to work as an independent architect, nobody will entrust their project to an architect without a degree.

Moreover, an architect must be able to use software to create blueprints and have a broad knowledge of building code and artistic elements.

There are many careers in professions you can explore in the arts industry. Since the job you do will determine your income, the kind of person you’ll be, and the type of life you’ll live, you must make the best decision for yourself.

However, the best thing is to make money from your passion. Everything will look more straightforward, and you’ll feel fulfilled. Suppose you have artistic talent and want to make money from your natural endowment. In that case, this article enlightens you on the top 10 careers in art alongside the requirements. We hope you can find a job of your choice.

Source: Pexels


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